Home Addition / Extension

When our customers decide on making a home addition / extension, they do so for any number of reasons. For some is all about adding more space to accommodate a growing family. Others are looking to increase the property’s value by optimizing available space, like adding a garage, an extra bedroom in the basement, or […]

Garage framing

Once you review your floor plan design, you are now ready for a garage plan. In order to achieve this, it is important for you to know the right methods required to frame a garage properly. Have a consultation with universal framing carpentry to get a free garage plan. You can contact them on 416-890-4542 […]

Footings Framing

Footings framing is a fundamental procedure of any building construction project, as it provides structure, support, and shape based on an elaborate architectural plan. Common materials used for framing are wood, engineered wood, and/or structural steel. Nevertheless, wood is widely used in footings framing due to its affordability, coupled with the ease it offers in […]

Custom Homes

Do you ever have the feeling that houses built according to the same building designs in your neighborhood are too simple? Do you sense the urge for something fresh and inventive, from hardwood flooring to magnificent ceilings? This is where this post will shed some light on custom homes and how they can be one […]

Custom Homes And Renovation

Custom homes are a kind of home built and designed to meet clients’ specific needs and requirements in a specific location. The custom home building provides clients with an opportunity to control the size, layout, framing, and most of the activities necessary to achieve their dream home. Building a custom home gives you and your […]