Footings framing is a fundamental procedure of any building construction project, as it provides structure, support, and shape based on an elaborate architectural plan. Common materials used for framing are wood, engineered wood, and/or structural steel. Nevertheless, wood is widely used in footings framing due to its affordability, coupled with the ease it offers in making adjustments during construction.

Figure 1: Douglas fir wood that has been lumbered

Who Can Construct Your Footings Framing?

The first thing that comes to mind when you embark on a building construction project is the solidity of the finished structure. As we’ve mentioned earlier, footings framing is an important aspect of such projects, and thus, would require the expertise of a company with experience and a reputation in rendering such services, as footings framing.

The Universal Framing Carpentry ( has a remarkable reputation in footings framing across Canada and is currently expanding its roots to other major cities. Their services are listed on their website in detail. However, it will interest you to know that they also give technical advice to clients who’d like to undertake such construction projects. On working days they can be reached at 416-890-4542.

Why do we recommend Universal Framing Carpentry?

The Universal Framing Carpentry has proven worthy of executing its services over the years as they match up with recent technologies concerning footings framing and other aspects that involve building construction. On their website,, you’ll find a handful of information on how to design your footings framing when constructing your foundation.

For the more complex projects, we strongly encourage homeowners or clients who intend to start a new home to call them at 416-890-4542, Nevertheless, we advise that you check on their schedule before making a call. Universal Framing Carpentry has the willingness to serve and they’ll give you the best advise on how to go about building your footings framing to achieve a solid footing for your home.

Figure 2: Custom framing house structure

How Does Universal Framing Carpentry Render Footings Framing Services?

Besides the structural description of Footings Framing, we will also introduce you to new insights on various carpentry services provided by Universal Framing Carpentry,  Canada’s most reputable carpentry company, serving 20 major cities in the greater Toronto area. However, before we delve into the different services offered by Universal Framing Carpentry, which you can find on their website,, it’s best if we take a quick look at the construction steps and the importance of footings framing on a building structure.

Construction Steps in Footings Framing

1.    Preparation and Layout:

The majority of building construction workers would argue that “Laying out” isn’t the first phase of a construction project, as there are a few preliminary steps to consider before setting out. Most obviously, clearing and leveling the construction site are among the preliminaries after having studied the architectural plan. Nonetheless, a more technical approach would be to map out the area on the site upon which the building structure should be erected. This process also allows the provision of the footings framing and their respective positions on the site.

Setting out before starting the footings framing is the preliminary framework of the blueprint that will pave the path for the execution of the footings framing according to the building plan. Oftentimes, wood, nails, ropes, and handsaws are the main materials used during this phase of the project. The procedure is simple. It involves the fitting together of pieces of wood over the proposed project site in such a way that will ease the excavation of the respective footings framing and the overall foundation.

Before any excavation begins on the site, we must keep in mind the local building regulations of the community during this phase of the project. Furthermore, the type of footing framing to be applied for the project greatly depends on the nature of the terrain. For a complete guide on the types of footings and their specific applications based on the nature of a given terrain, check out our next article, footings framing on different soil types.

Figure 3: Setting Out

Notwithstanding, setting out requires leveling by the use of a water balance. This means that every point on the horizontal pieces of wood must lie in the same horizontal plane to reproduce the exact locations of the various footings framing according to the building plan. Universal Framing Carpentry specializes in drafting and reproducing footings framings on-site following the plan.

Figure 4: Water balance

2.    Excavation:

After leveling the setout framework, mapping out the footings framing positions on the foundation is made simple by the use of nails, ropes, and a measuring tape, following the dimensions as prescribed in the building plan. Paying attention to details in this phase is critical. Respecting the dimensions and shapes of the foundation structure will ensure the solidity and durability of the footing.

If you live abroad and would love to reach out to The Universal Framing Carpentry for assistance on your footings framing, feel free to call them at 416-890-4542 or send an email from their website contact us page at

However, the first step in obtaining our footing is by excavating. The topsoil needs to be removed for the footings to rest on the subsoil. The subsoil is the layer beneath the ground that offers resistance to the overall structural load acting on the foundation above it.

Figure 5: Cross-section of the ground

Nevertheless, excavation may not be necessary for swampy or waterlogged lands if your project runs on a low budget. However, we should note that footings framing forms an integral part of a building structure, and whether you intend to construct your home on a swamp or not, you’ll make provisions for footings based on the appropriate methods with respect to the nature of your construction site.

3.    Footings Framing:

Realizing perfect footings for your construction project doesn’t end with excavating the site. We’d love to remind you that a footing consists of a solid mixture of concrete and rebar reinforcement that’s placed below the frost line. However, we can’t achieve a perfectly shaped footing structure by pouring our concrete mixture on rebar reinforcements placed in those holes on the ground.

Figure 6: Footings Framing

To obtain the best results for our footings framing structures with regard to quantity and shape, as prescribed by the drawing plan, we’ll need to frame them by using wooden boxes into which we’ll place our rebar reinforcements before pouring in our concrete mixture. Wooden framing is an assembly of wooden pieces that fit together in a way that will produce the desired structure of our footing. It takes into account, the quantity and shape of the reinforced concrete needed for the structure.

If you try it by yourself and feel stuck at some point, please feel free to call 416-890-4542 for assistance. Most times the DIY articles or videos fail to precise the technicalities involved in different soil types during footings framing, and thus, calling directly would give you a clearer perspective on what you need to do to succeed.

For those who prefer reading on their website,, we advise that you start by carrying out a series of trails to be sure to get the steps right. Nevertheless, Universal Framing Carpentry is at the service of everyone who comes knocking on their door.

Figure 7: Filling Footings Framing

Services Offered by Universal Framing Carpentry

Services Offered by Universal Framing Carpentry

As we mentioned earlier, Universal Framing Carpentry is one of the best custom footings framing companies, whose services include the following:

  1. Remodeling.
  2. Decorative boxing.
  3. Open concept living.
  4. Specific floor framing.
  5. Steel beam installation.
  6. Doors and window installations.
  7. Custom footings framing.
  8. Building a new structure.
  9. Framing of wooden structures.
  10. New framing addition.
  11. Structural framing.
  12. Carpentry, and rough carpentry.

Universal Framing Carpentry aims at realizing your dream home through their specific services from conception to completion. 1% of the payments made to Universal Framing Carpentry go to assist sick children in hospitals, which is one of the reasons why they’re dedicated to producing the best results through the services they provide.

Figure 8: Custom Framing House

You can visit their gallery on their website, at, or give them a call to book a meeting with one of their personnel at 416-890-4542.

Cities Where Universal Framing Carpentry Services Are Available

Universal Farming Carpentry provides its services to the following areas:

  1. King City
  2. Concord
  3. Bradford
  4. Aurora
  5. Brampton
  6. East Gwillim
  7. North York
  8. Uxbridge
  9. Toronto
  10. Thornhill
  11. Stouffville,
  12. Woodbridge
  13. Vaughan
  14. Keswick
  15. Etobicoke
  16. Scarborough,
  17. Markham
  18. Nobleton
  19. Newmarket
  20. Markham

Covering such cities has given Universal Framing Carpentry its merited reputation for not only its ability to execute footings framing but also to provide its unlimited services across these cities. To find out more about their services, visit their website at

How Does Universal Framing Carpentry Execute Framing Services?

As we’ve mentioned earlier, framing forms a structural defense mechanism on a building structure. At Universal Framing Carpentry, framing isn’t limited to footings. They install frames in homes for multiple purposes.

On their website,, you will find a handful of articles on the various services and their ambitions to make such services get better with advanced tools.

  1. To Support Insulation

The Universal Framing Carpentry provides thermal bridging during framing construction, which will reduce the effective R-Value of the batt to about 18% in the case of wood, and an R-Value of about 7.1 in the case of metallic studs placed in a 16-inch gap from the center.

2.    Holds Electrical Wires in Place

The solidity of the frame keeps electrical wires in place and free from hazardous movements.

3.    Air Circulation

Their framing provides ventilation through ducts in the building structure.

They’re known for their excellence in all the areas and cities where they work. The Universal Framing Carpentry framing services ensure the installation of exterior walls, floor joists, stairwells, doorframes, trusses, support walls, and roof sheathing.

Figure 9: Custom House Framing

The Quality of Their Footings Framing Material

Given that Universal Framing Carpentry has built a credible reputation through its services, its first and utmost priority towards serving its clients is to make use of top-quality materials. Even though the product of footings framing is a structure of solid reinforced concrete, Universal Framing Carpentry ensures the use of the best-lumbered wood, such as Douglas fir.

Figure 10: Douglas Fir Footing Framing

Douglas fir is strong lumber with very few or no cracks that can be used for footings framing, in contrast to the Eastern White Pine and the Red Oak, which are too soft to withstand the weight of reinforced concrete and also prune to decay. Similarly, they also make use of white oaks, which are hard, decay-resistant, and suitable for footing framing.

Universal Framing Carpentry further makes use of advanced tools in handling both simple finishing jobs and complex construction projects. We strongly recommend Universal Framing Carpentry for your custom framing housing projects, and we encourage you to give them a call at 416-890-4542 and secure an early bird position for their services.

What to Expect From Universal Framing Carpentry

Homeowners who have contacted Universal Framing Carpentry on their projects have achieved maximum success on their building projects. If you intend to build a home with Universal Framing Carpentry, the result would be a beautiful home that matches the creative vision you had for the project.

Your home will not only look beautiful, but it will also be solid and durable, as Universal Framing Carpentry only aims at producing the best to secure its competence and resilience in footings framing and other services. Again, you can always send an email to the Universal Framing Carpentry at their website,

Figure 11: Custom Framing House

 FAQ About Footings Framing

1.    Can steel be used in place of wood in Footings Framing?

Yes, you can always decide to use steel in footings framing and obtain the desired results. The difference between the two lies in affordability and malleability. Wood is less expensive and more malleable than steel.

2.    Can a house be built without footings framing?

Footings framing is an important procedure in a building structure because it offers stability and solidity to the building structure by supporting the overall load of the building. We encourage that you go through Universal Framing Carpentry’s gallery to see what beautiful designs you can get for your home design on their website,

3.    How can someone contact Universal Framing Carpentry for assistance?

You can send an email to them on their website directly ( or give them a call at 416-890-4542 on any working day of the week. Furthermore, be sure to browse their website, to see what time of the day is suitable to give them a call.

4.    Can Universal Framing Carpentry work in any city?

Universal Farming Carpentry’s goal is to provide its unlimited services worldwide. They are willing to help you from anywhere around the world if you can connect to the internet. If you’re unable to connect to the internet regularly, you can give them a call at 416-890-4542.

5.    Can the footings framing be removed after pouring concrete?

If you’ve made sure of every parameter to be respected for your footing structure, you can dismantle the footings framing after 24 hours to give ample time for the reinforced concrete to solidify into the framing’s shape.

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