Garage Addition in Toronto

If you want to add a new garage to your house, it’s better to find good framing carpentry professionals to build your own garage than try to hire a contractor for this job. If you live in an area where the homeowners association does not allow for additional garages under their guidelines, consider building an in-law suite or a small room addition to your house instead.
Adding a new garage is a part of the new addition service provided by Universal Framing Carpentry, they provide professionals to design and build the best garage for your house.
One of the most popular types of garage in use today is the detached garage. This type of garage is typically a room that’s attached to the house, and it has its own entrance. The benefit of this setup is that it can allow for more living space without sacrificing your car’s parking spot. It’s found recently that more and more homes are opting for floating garages. These detached garages have what appears to be an attached garage with a separate entrance, but when you enter this “floating” garage, you find that the walls actually come down, and the house continues around them. Floating garages are becoming a trendy alternative for those who want a little privacy without sacrificing on space. Crafted from PVC and steel, they are built with a variety of different options, including doors that open to the outside and windows that can open in case there is a need to cool the space down.

An attached or a detached garage both offer pros and cons.
There are many advantages of having an attached or a detached garage. They can be used to store necessary items, can provide additional space, and offer protection from the elements. However, the decision largely comes down to your needs, convenience, and the size of your property. An attached garage will require more space because there is no clear line between the garage and your house. This can make it a bit difficult to maneuver around without bumping into things or knocking something over. The additional space allows for more items to be stored like lawn equipment, bicycles, and others.

This and more is provided via Universal Framing Carpentry, They provide their services in the following locations:
Richmond Hill, Toronto, Scarborough, Vaughan, Aurora, North York, Etobicoke, Stouffville, Nobleton, Newmarket, King City, Woodbridge, Thornhill, Markham, Bradford and Concord.


Custom Home Framers in Toronto

Universal Framing Company is a family owned and operated company that has been serving customers for years. We are licensed, bonded, and insured for your peace of mind. We offer solutions for your every need in construction, remodeling, and finishing.
Universal Framing Company is a company that is focused on providing solutions for residential and commercial customers. They provide different services such as roofing, siding, and window installation. They also offer decks, additions, and garages.
Framing carpentry is a critical aspect of building construction, as it supports the roof and walls. A good framing carpenter will plan and assemble the framing according to a set of blueprints for the home. They will also ensure that all openings are cut, such as doors and windows, to meet code requirements. The framing carpenter also oversees the installation of all drywall. , flooring, and insulation, as well as the electrical wiring.
Universal Framing Company provides the service of new addition framing, to extend any part of your house or remodel it to your new vision. We can also design and provide a custom framed basement to meet your needs. Framing only, including but not limited to, doors, windows and skylights. Framing is only one of our services. Please visit our website for more information.
For more information about Framing Carpentry, reach out Universal Framing Carpentry, by calling 416-890-4542.



Building a Garage in Toronto

The world of construction is a difficult one. The last things you want to do are jump into it and make bad decisions. If you are considering building a new garage in Toronto, you need professionals to take the reins. They know what they’re doing and will quickly see past the many distractions that could lead to disaster. Our team promises to work hard to get you the garage of your dreams.
If you’™re interested in building a single-car garage, you should start by adding a 14 feet by 20 feet addition to your home. This will provide the necessary space for the garage and all of its associated features, such as an entryway, living room and kitchen.
For a two-car garage, go 20 feet by 24 feet. This will just let you get your cars in and open the doors. If you want additional space for storage or a workbench, you’€™ll want to add 6 or 8 feet.

Garage sizes vary based on the use of the space. A two-car garage should be 20 feet by 24 feet.
For a three-car garage, 20 feet by 36 feet. This will be enough space for all three cars, but with extra room to work on projects. If you’re not sure how long your garage is or how much space you need, we recommend getting the average size for your property so there aren’t any surprises later.

For more information about Garage, visit Universal Framing Carpentry, or call them at 416-890-4542.


Garage Add On in Toronto

When you’re looking to add a garage to your home, you’ll want to make it look like it belongs and not detract from the house. An attached garage with doors opening to the side and some windows in the front looks like just another room or addition that was designed with care and consideration. Attached garages are the most common type of garage because they provide convenience to the homeowner and look like normal rooms on the outside of your house.

Garages don’€™t have to be an eyesore. A garage can be an inviting and stylish addition to any home with the right touches. It should look like part of the house and not take away from the appearance of the property. There are no rules when it comes to decorating a garage. . It may just be an extension of your living space. Whether you are new to construction and building, or a seasoned contractor, there is room for improvement.
Rough Carpentry is a service offered by Universal Framing Carpentry, Rough carpenters are a vital and integral part of many construction projects. They often work alongside other trades to assemble the frame of a building or to build support beams for bridges, walls, and other structures. They can also be architects. Carpenters are responsible for building and repairing the framework of a structure, such as wood or metal framing for houses, barns, bridges and other buildings. Carpenters may also construct furniture such as tables and chairs. They commonly use power tools such as table saws, chop saws, and routers.

For more information about Garages and rough carpentry, contact Universal Framing Carpentry, at 416-890-4542.



Adding a Garage to a House in Toronto

A garage can be a great addition to your home, providing extra storage space and acting as a way of increasing the value of your property. If you are planning on adding a garage, here are some things to think about before you start construction.
Of course the type of garage you choose will depend on what’s best for your home. A standalone garage will be much more expensive because it takes a lot of work to construct the garage.
Choosing the type of garage for your home is one of the most important decisions to make when building a new home. There are many factors to consider, from budget to lot size and architecture that will help you choose what type of garage is best for you.
Today, homeowners are looking for the perfect home with the right amount of space to fit their needs. One of these spaces is a garage that has an attached garage to a house. For this type of property, you’ll want to find a driveway space that has easy access to the house and doesn’t block any utilities like gas or electric lines.

Universal Framing Carpentry is a contractor that specializes in designing and building custom wood framed houses. We also offer framing services for insulation and wires.
For more information about Framing and Garage carpentry, visit their website Universal Framing Carpentry, or contact them at 416-890-4542.



Garage Addition to Existing Garage in Toronto

As the family grows, so does the need for more space. A bump-out is a home addition that provides a solution to this dilemma. Essentially, you’re adding on to your existing garage to make room for more storage or a third car. It’s a cost-effective way of providing much-needed space without having to purchase an entirely new property .In terms of design and luxury, a bump-out can be nearly identical to the rest of the home. Styling and materials are often similar because builders have already invested in all new finishes and materials for the main living area. For example, if the main living area is a warm, wood-toned space with plenty of natural light, you can expect the bump-out to also reflect that tone. A real estate agent will assess your home’s structure and recommend an addition that would be appropriate for your property. If you have completed a major renovation, the agent might recommend a different design style.
In addition to this, Universal Framing Carpentry also provides the service of Decorative Boxing.
Boxing is a great way to decorate your home, garage and more. There are many companies that produce custom decorative boxing for all projects. You can paint the inside of the box to match your walls or use materials such as wood, paper mache, and more to create a distinctive appearance.
For more information about Garage construction, go to Universal Framing Carpentry, or call 416-890-4542.



Garage Reno in Toronto

Garage renovations are not cheap and aren’t to be taken lightly. You need to make sure you’re aware of some of the mistakes homeowners make before they renovate their garage.
1. Developing a Generic Plan
The first mistake is to develop a generic plan. It’s important that you think through what purpose your garage will serve in the future, whether it will be used for parking cars or if you will use it as storage space. If you think about the different areas of your house, such as the living room and kitchen, you can understand how important it is to have a plan.
2. Not Investing in the Right Supplies
The second mistake is not investing in the right supplies before starting construction. It’s important that you know what kind of materials and equipment are needed, such as concrete or lumber, and to make sure they are available when you need them. You should also consult with professionals to help you figure out how to make your garage a safe and secure place.
3. Using Poor Construction Techniques
The third mistake is using poor construction techniques, such as using cheap materials or cutting corners in order to save on time and money, which often leads to more costly mistakes later on. For example, if you don’t pay attention to the construction plans during the building.

For more information about Garages and Decorative Boxing, go straight to their website Universal Framing Carpentry, or reach them at 416-890-4542.



Garage Addition Ideas in Toronto

There are many ideas for adding new garage to your house
There are many ideas for adding a new garage to your home. One of the most popular options is to build a carport with an attached garage. A carport is easy, cost-effective and will add the benefit of protection from the weather. A typical carport is an attached garage with butty-coated heavy-gauge steel framing, typically made of pressure treated wood, and a roof that is typically corrugated metal or fiberglass. It may also have roll-up windows, automated garage doors and/or awnings.
You can also add a detached garage, a detached garage is a building that is used for storage and typically has a garage door. These buildings are a great place to store motorcycles, lawn mowers, gardening supplies, and more. Although detached garages are typically used for recreational purposes, some people use them for their vehicles. The garage is attached to the house of the owner, and is a detached building. It has an attached front door. A detached garage shares the same roof as the main house. A detached garage may be attached to only one side of a house, or it may be attached to both sides of a house, with an opening on either end.

Universal Framing Carpentry offers a variety of services to fit your needs. If you need interior design, we can help with that. We offer professional interior designers to help turn your home into a dream home. For more information about Garage and Interior Designers, consult Universal Framing Carpentry, or call 416-890-4542.


Cost To Build a Garage Canada in Toronto

The cost to build a garage in Toronto can vary from $6,000 to $30,000. There are many factors that go into the price of your garage. The most common factors that affect the cost are the size, whether you have a permit and what type of material you want for your flooring.
The cost of adding a single or double car garage depends on the size of the garage and the type of materials used. In general, it costs between $20,000 to $50,000 to add a single car garage on your property. The cost for adding a double car garage is usually higher and ranges from $30,000 to as high as $100,000.

Some factors that affect the cost are:
– Size – Single car garages are cheaper than double ones
– Building materials – Wooden garages are cheaper than metal ones
– Location – The price can vary depending on the location

Universal Framing Carpentry is known to provide many services with reasonable costs one of which is Custom House Framing. Universal Framing Carpentry is a family owned and operated business with years of experience in the custom framing industry. They are known for their quality work, reasonable prices, and friendly service. Custom House Framing is one of the services they provide. Their frames are designed to be both beautiful and durable. They’ll work with you to match your style and budget, making sure you’re satisfied with the result.



Bungalow Rear Addition in Toronto

The rear addition of a bungalow is an excellent way to add more space to your home. It can be used as a family room, home office, or even a bedroom. If you want to expand your living space without taking up a lot of valuable square footage, you can build a rear addition. There are many different materials that can be used depending on the style and design of your home. The most common material used for these types of additions is wood. However, there are other options like concrete blocks or stucco.
Bungalow rear additions in Toronto are usually built on the back of the house with the same footprint as the original house. They can be either attached or detached from the original structure and have their own separate entrance.  What are the purposes of adding a rear addition? Reasons for adding a rear addition may include:

  • Additional living and/or sleeping space
  • Building a garage or carport, although some attach to the original structure 
  • Making an office or studio area in the detached part

All these services are provided by Company Universal Framing Carpentry, which has been around for years and has the necessary experts &  professionals to complete any project with maximum quality. For more information, you may drop by at Universal Framing Carpentry, or call them at 416-890-4542.

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