Once you review your floor plan design, you are now ready for a garage plan. In order to achieve this, it is important for you to know the right methods required to frame a garage properly. Have a consultation with universal framing carpentry to get a free garage plan. You can contact them on 416-890-4542 today.

What is garage framing?

The garage framing is the process of assembling building materials together to form a garage. Plates, headers, joists, and studs are the terms used in describing the different components of garage framing.

What you need to know about garage framing

Garage framing just like house framing requires precision and accuracy. Garage framing is mostly carried out by professionals like the universal framing carpentry because of the intricacies of framing a structure. You can reach out to universal framing carpentry on 416-890-4542 or through their website- framingcarpentry.com.

However, garage framing can be a bit straightforward for a skillful person that can follow some simple steps, and can spend time creating a layout. If you need help framing a garage, get in touch with experienced and team of professionals in framingcarpentry.com on 416-890-4542.

If you cannot do garage framing yourself or you don’t have the means to do it yourself, we strongly recommend allowing professionals like universal framing carpentry to help with your garage framing. You can contact universal framing carpentry on 416-890-4542 send a message through framingcarpentry.com.

Remember, the garage framing is the soul of your garage. It must not go wrong; garage framing requires precision, accuracy, and using the best materials. This seems like a job for an experienced and professional carpentry team, because the stability of the structure depends on the wood framing.

Garage framing mistakes can make your investment go to waste. A mistake in the framing of a garage can affect the stability of the garage, and cause it to collapse in a trice.

Contact universal framing carpentry at 416-890-4542 today for your framing needs including garage framing, wood structure framing, basement, and specific floor framing. You can learn more about their services at framingcarpentry.com

Factors to consider before building a garage

Choose a style

Building a new structure, modifying a structure or adding a new structure requires making certain decisions, which includes the style, size, and materials. Building a garage is no different. Contact universal framing carpentry on 416-890-4542 to discuss your garage plan. Framingcarpentry.com is another quick way to contact them. 

There are two main types of garage, but different styles of garage. The two main types of garage are attached garage and detached garage. The different styles of garage are gable, reverse gable, hip, and barn-style garage.

Your choice of style of garage will determine the design of the garage. Consequently, determine the method of the garage framing. Universal framing carpentry can help you determine the right style that will meet your needs. Call 416-890-4542 for a free consultation. Better still, you can leave a message through framingcarpentry.com

The understanding of each style of garage, which includes the pros and cons, will help you in determining the right style for you.

Attached and detached garage

Attached garage is a type of garage that is structurally attached to a home. It shares a wall with the home and has a door that links the house to the garage.

It is the common type of garage because of easy accessibility from the house. The roof of the attached garage should match the roof of the house for appealing appearance. Need more tips on how you can make your attached garage stands out, reach out to the team of professionals at universal framing carpentry on 416-890-4542 or via framingcarpentry.com.

If you want to make a structural modification to your house, to create an attached garage, it is advisable to seek for a professional consultation before starting the process, to avoid making mistakes. Contact universal framing carpentry on 416-890-4542 or through framingcarpentry.com for a free consultation.  

A detached garage on the other hand is completely separated from the home and free standing. A detached garage is often separated from the home by a few meters or kilometers away. Contact universal framing carpentry on 416-890-4542 or through their website-framingcarpentry.com, to help facilitate your decision making on which one is perfect for your home.

Gable-style garage

The gable-style garage requires that the garage framing be sloping on two sides to form a triangular figure on the side of the garage door. Many homeowners adopt the gable-style garage because the framing matches the style of house roofs.

Besides, its triangular shape allows for windows and trims. Call 416-890-4542 to help you frame a garage to form the gable-style garage. The gable garage is affordable because it does not require much material as the hip-style garage.

The triangular framing of the gable style is a smart choice for areas with frequent rainfall and snow because the shape allows for easy draining of moisture. If the gable garage framing appears as the best option for you reach out to universal framing carpentry on 416-890-4542, or go to framingcarpentry.com.

Reverse gable-style garage

A reverse garble style garage is similar to the gable garage. The difference between the two styles is in the position of the door side. In a reverse-style gable garage, the door is positioned under the roof instead of the side typical of the gable style garage.

The reverse gable garage is popular for its appealing appearance. Universal framing carpentry can handle both the gable and reverse gable garage framing. Put a call through to them on 416-890-4542 now or visit framingcarpentry.com.

Hip-style garage

The hip-style garage framing forms a pyramid structure that slopes down on four sides. This design helps to provide better protection against the weather elements especially high windstorms.

Though the hip style garage is sturdy, it requires more materials, which makes the garage framing for this garage style cost a bit on the high side.

Contact universal framing carpentry through 416-890-4542 or their website-framingcarpentry.com, to recommend the garage framing style that will meet your needs.

Barn-style garage

If you are looking for an easy and inexpensive yet functional garage framing, gambrel style garage is for you. This type of garage framing involves using woods to form symmetrical slopes that create a triangular shape over the door.

The beauty of this garage framing is that it provides more room in a garage because of the two symmetrical slopes. Barn-style garage framing is affordable with framingcarpentry.com. Dial 416-890-4542, to speak with their team of professionals, and begin the process of building a garage.

Choosing the perfect garage style for your home may be a daunting task especially if you want something different from the norm. If you are unsure of the perfect garage style for your home, universal framing carpentry has the perfect garage framing plan for you.

They offer numerous garage framing styles and plans. Call universal framing carpentry on 416-890-4542 or contact them through framingcarpentry.com.

The size of the garage

The size of the garage is another factor to consider before building a garage. You want to make sure you have the space for the size of the garage you want to build. The size of the garage will also determine the dimensions of the garage frame. Learn more about this when you request for a free consultation through 416-890-4542.

The average size for a car garage is about 12 feet wide and 23 feet deep. For two car garages, the average size is about 18 feet wide and 23 feet deep. 20×22 and 2×22 are the other common sizes because they make the garage more comfortable are a good size too.

Contact universal frame carpentry on 416-890-4542 to help determine the precise garage size for your space. You can as well send a message to them via framingcarpentry.com.

The building materials

Once you know the style and the size of the garage you want, getting the materials to put together for the garage framing becomes easier. That’s because the dimensions of the materials for the garage framing depends on the style and size of the garage.  

The precise selection of the building materials for the garage framing is where most people kill the process. For instance, the sill plate should be framed with pressure treated lumber, to stand well on a concrete slab.

Garden framing also entails determining the number of required roof trusses. This is achieved by dividing the length of the garage into two. For the external wall of the garage, the studs will be the load bearing capacity of the garage roof.

Divide the total surface area of the roof by the area of sheathing, to determine the number of boards required for roof decking and cladding. To determine the roof total surface area, add the area of the each section of the roof. To get the area of each section, multiply the length of the roof by the width in feet, this gives you the area of each section in square feet.

You can see that the garage framing requires many calculations for precision and accuracy because no room for a mistake. That is the reason it is best to allow a professional like the universal framing carpentry handle project of this nature. Contact them on 416-890-4542. You can contact them too via framingcarpentry.com.

Universal Framing Carpentry supplies his solutions to the following areas:

Richmond Hill, Aurora, Uxbridge, King City, Stouffville, Vaughan, Brampton, Newmarket, North York, Keswick, Thornhill, Woodbridge, Etobicoke, Nobleton, Bradford, Concord, East Gwillimbury,
Markham, Scarborough, and Toronto.


Garage framing is the process of connecting building materials together to form a garage. It requires precision and accuracy, and keen attention to detail. While an individual can do it by following some steps, it is a project for team of professionals because a single mistake can be costly. If are looking for the right professionals for this job consider the universal framing carpentry.

Contact universal framing carpentry on 416-890-4542 today to begin the process for your garage framing. And you can send a message to them now via framingcarpentry.com.

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