The first time I went for my home renovation I was extremely clueless. From which place to go, which company will be more reliable, which company has skilled artisans, and most importantly which company will give me good quality work within my budget. As if you go to any website or go through their work everyone says they are the best at their field but home renovation is something which you do not do every day like you purchased a chair or table from a store or ordered online no, home renovation is much of a bigger thing, much costlier and time-consuming as well. And when you are going for the framework man, trust me it was more than just hiring any framework worker it was rather teaming with skilled craftsmen for your home where I found universal framing carpentry (416-890-4542) and these are why they are the best for your next home renovation.


If you ask someone what is the meaning of home to them they might laugh a bit first saying who does not know what does a home mean, but every time you ask every different person every time you will get a different answer about what they mean by home. For someone home is a place of comfort, to someone a place to live, to someone a place to dream, to someone they find theme self or simply where they are them. A home is where your family is where your pet waits for you when you go home or home is where you and your friends have the best time of your life. But ultimately when you try to get all those meanings of “home” you get the same meaning of life, peace, and comfort. More formally a home is a place where we live for the eternal time of our life or we spend a very significant time of our life there growing and making memories. And when we live there we have to make sure that place is not only worthy of living but welcoming and comforting as well as it has life.


When we live at a place for a very long time or we use something for a very long time two very possible things happen to them firstly either they lose the charm of their utility or secondly we start to feel less attached or attracted to them and to make it new and to get the best utility from them repairing them through remaking is called renovation.


Home renovation is repairing the outdoor or indoor home space you have. When we live at a place for a long time the word defines using the home along with its interiors, so some of the things start losing their charm so repairing or remaking them is called home renovation.


Even though home renovation and remodel connects to home but they also connect to repairing and rebuilding. But they are extremely different from each other or to someone who has not much idea of them they are connected to very skilled workers but they have a very fine line of difference you may say.

Home renovation is when you are repairing your remaking or newly making some of your indoor stuff through some excellent craftsman-like universal framing carpentry and painting your home etcetera.

And home remodeling is connecting to architectural or structural or changing the walls to make a place more spacious.


Home renovation is a very important aspect of your home hence they need skilled professional craftsman-like universal framing carpentry provides. These are some important reasons for home renovation basically in the framework but overall in all areas of your home.

•Nobody in the world likes to live in a place where the things inside are broken, or they have lost the productivity home renovation gives new lives to things which helps to bring the best in them and person who is using that thing feels content after using that.

•Every person is evolving albeit slowly yet very drastically. Try to remember the things you used to love or just like 5 years ago. It is not important to hate them now but your taste have must change now. So imagine the framework you have been using forever is either out of style or out of your taste so try to get a better framework from professionals like universal framing carpentry and give your home a new look through a home renovation.

•Imagine your drawer is broken or your countertop is damaged and the cabinet is damped your home is literally dysfunctional so make your home function as new with universal framing carpentry.

•Nobody wants to live with a risk of the wall cabinet falling at any time. So fixing that also will be beneficial for you.

•All these things brings comfort to your home as well as to you.

•Some time living with broken wooden furniture can bring boredom to your favorite home but a little home renovation can make your stay at your home rather than move out somewhere else, and it will also save you tons of money.

•Loving with a renovated home improves not only the quality of your home but also the quality of your lifestyle as well.

•Getting home renovation done by professionals like universal framing carpentry can get your home a better quality of life.


•You must get a professional as soon as possible even if you try to do things on your own but you are clueless or do not know what are doing universal framing carpentry is always here to rescue you any time.

•Ask questions to the company you are teaming with.

•Talk with your company and tell them what you want.

•Do not over budget just because your professionals are telling you to.

•Try not to be unrealistic just to be on-trend.

You will be warned and can avoid all these if you team with universal framing carpentry.

Universal framing carpentry is a Toronto based company that provides services like

  • Framing.
  • Custom House Framing.
  • New Addition Framing.
  • Structural Framing.
  • Carpentry.
  • Rough Carpentry.
  • Remodeling.
  • Renovation.
  • Decorative Boxing.
  • New Build Construction.
  • Open Concept Living.
  • Structural Reconfiguration.
  • Basement and Specific Floor Framing.
  • Wood Structure Framing.
  • Install Steel Beam.
  • Install Steel Post.
  • Install Exterior Doors And Windows.           

Other than the service universal framing carpentry gives their service in vast areas like:


North York.




King City.









Richmond Hill.





East Gwillimbury.

UniversalFramingCarpentry Cities

Universal framing carpentry was made to make sure their client was getting what they wanted. They make sure to give attention to each and every client every small and big detail. Universal framing carpentry does not care how small or big the project is their attention and dedication to work is always the same for every client.


All things considered, teaming with universal framing carpentry for the home renovation is the best decision ever.



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  1. Georgia Smith
    Georgia Smith says:

    They were able to take my vision and turn it into reality. I’m so happy with the end product and the partnership that exists between us.

  2. Kristen B. McBride
    Kristen B. McBride says:

    Their team met my expectations when they replaced an old stud wall in my home with drywall. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a remodeling company!

  3. Kris Morris
    Kris Morris says:

    I am so pleased with the work that Universal Framing Carpentry has done for me. I’ve had a couple of other companies give me an estimate, but their prices were not what they promised. Universal Framing Carpentry provided an estimate that was accurate and affordable, and they are the best!

  4. Stephen L.
    Stephen L. says:

    I want to thank Universal Framing Carpentry for the great work they did on my home renovation. They had done a few projects for me in the past, but this was the largest one yet. They were all extremely professional and easy to work with, and I really appreciated how honest they were about what could and couldn’t be done with my space.

  5. Jimmie Kelly
    Jimmie Kelly says:

    Universal Framing Carpentry did an amazing job on my home renovation. After getting a quote from a few other companies, I was quickly impressed with UFC’s knowledge, professionalism and the finished product. The entire team was attentive to the importance of home renovation and went above and beyond to ensure my remodel was completed on time…overall, I highly recommend this company!

  6. Morgan E.
    Morgan E. says:

    I came to Universal Framing Carpenters with a rough idea of what I wanted. I was unsure on the difference between home renovation and remodeling. They helped me to choose the best decision for my home, and the finish suit my style. When they were done, it looked nothing but way much better!

  7. Emily Rosas
    Emily Rosas says:

    I asked the contractor what does renovation mean, they clearly explained what it is and how it would be done. After 2 months of renovation my house was finished elegantly. I love it so much and I couldn’t thank Universal Framing Carpentry enough for the work they did.


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