Basement and Specific Floor Framing

Constructing a basement and specific floor framing is one of the specializations of Universal Framing Carpentry. We have done quite several projects for the basement and specific flooring. We ensure that the basement and specific floor framing projects we did are resilient from wear and tear, weather, and other factors.


To keep the basement and specific floor framing free from wears and tears, we only use high grade lumbers sourced from different parts of the country and delivered to our areas of operation in Toronto, North York, Scarborough, Etobicoke, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Markham, Vaughan, Concord, Woodbridge, King City, Aurora, Newmarket. All our lumbers are treated to resist swift deterioration caused by termites, bugs, moisture, and other natural factors.


Our designs and blueprints for the basement and specific floor framing projects are developed by expert professionals with extensive years of experience to credit on their portfolio. They are carefully created to meet both the client specifications and local and federal safety standards safety requirements.


We conduct careful research for every basement and specific floor framing project we undertake because we believe that each project is unique and should suit every client’s needs and requirements. This research includes basement moisture, isolation, and lighting, which affects the construction and carpentry work, especially with the materials to be used. For floor framing on the second floor, we look into the existing foundations and support to check their capacity. Although some floors are built on a concrete slab flat on the ground, most floors are raised above the ground. Raised floors are more resilient underfoot and provide heating equipment, insulation, plumbing, wiring, and other mechanical equipment. An elevated floor is built with a wooden framework that bridges from one exterior wall to another. This framework might or might not be supported intermediately by rafters, beams, or walls.

Universal Framing Carpentry takes tasks from simple to complex basement and specific floor framing projects. We do everything from measuring, building the frame, securing joists and joist hangers, attaching subfloor for the frame using different materials and equipment. We carefully plan the posts, girders, and trusses to ensure the safety and sturdiness of the structure. Only solid lumber is the material that we use for posts. We use wood girders in our projects because they are lighter and easier to install.

Aside from the stability and sturdiness of the structure, we also value safety during the construction process. We use high-powered tools and equipment together with safety gadgets and accessories to lessen the risks of accidents.

With the satisfaction rate of our clients, we believe that we have done a great job in delivering the basement and specific floor framing services that they need. Our team continues to strive to provide the best services to our clients. We continuously improve our designs, plan, and construction and carpentry services to meet the demands of the growing market.

Our affordable and reasonable prices guarantee only the best work and great customer satisfaction. We welcome you to ask us for a quotation for your basement and floor framing project, and we will be more than glad to assist you from step one until the last.



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  1. Gerard Henderson
    Gerard Henderson says:

    Universal Framing Carpentry did a terrific job basement and specific floor framing of my house. Their experience, knowledge, skills are exceptional. I have not been disappointed with their work or service.

  2. Brooks Hogan
    Brooks Hogan says:

    I really need some help with my basement flooring. I wanted it to look new because it is really old now. I am happy to land on this page and find out about Universal Framing Carpentry. I am thinking that this firm is what I am really looking for to do the job. I can’t wait to get in touch with them.

  3. Derek Bain
    Derek Bain says:

    Flooring is also important in the construction of houses and buildings. It is should be done properly so it will last for a long time. I agree with the article that doing the job requires careful planning and choosing the right materials.

  4. Myles Roth
    Myles Roth says:

    I am not well aware of the basics of floor framing. I have understood now that it is also an important aspect of building houses. This article is helpful to those who are looking for a company to do the job. As you can see, Universal Framing Carpentry offers the best and quality carpentry services.

  5. Roman B.
    Roman B. says:

    Every part of the house needs to be done properly to avoid future problems. Thanks to companies that offer quality basement and specific floor framing for taking care of this aspect. I believe only the experts like Universal Framing Carpentry should handle this type of job.

  6. Maddox T.
    Maddox T. says:

    I like how Universal Framing Carpentry gives their best in everything they do. From choosing the materials, planning, and designing, all are well-thought. I am sure every project they complete is satisfactory.


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