Behind your house or building’s walls are wooden beams known as frames that do more than keep every structure standing. Frames provide more than stability and structure to your homes and buildings. It supports insulation, holds wiring in place, and it aids in the room ventilation through the air ducts in your homes.

Here at Universal Framing Carpentry, we provide framing services for your homes and offices. We deliver the best framing services in the areas where we operate, such as Toronto, North York, Scarborough, Etobicoke, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Markham, Vaughan, Concord, Woodbridge, King City, Aurora, Newmarket.

Our framing services include the installation of the core structure of every home and building, such as the exterior walls, floor joists, subflooring, support walls, stairwells, door frames, trusses, and roof sheathing. In doing so, we offer different types of lumber for the job depending on your need and/ or request. For example, Douglas Fir is a strong lumber that has minimal cracking and the best for posts and beams. An Eastern White Pine, a relatively soft and inexpensive lumber, is easy to work with and is easy cheap for construction and framing. Red Oaks are also inexpensive and easy to work with within the framing but are prone to decay. On the other hand, white oaks are the opposite of red oaks as it is hard and has a high shrinkage rate and suitable for framing as it offers stable and long-lasting framing because it is decay-resistant.

We use advanced tools and equipment in Universal Framing Carpentry in finishing small and simple construction and complicated home and building framing services. We have years of experience in framing, having hundreds of buildings and houses all over the country following the designs and specifications of our clients while providing our expert opinion to improve further the project considering the safety and security of the structure.

Universal Framing Carpentry uses the top of line products. The best nails, frames, lumber, sheathing, metal hangers and ties, lightweight joists, engineered beams, foam adhesives are just some of what we use to complete every project.

Our framing services involve the framing of the whole house. From floors, walls, ceiling, and roof, we ensure the best framing for your homes and buildings by meticulously fulfilling your orders and requests in terms of design, materials, stability, and others, strictly following the local building codes and international standards in carpentry and framing.

As part of our excellent services, we offer different framing options for our customers. We provide details for each option that the customer needs with comparative expenses, advantages, and disadvantages. All these are given to the customers with safety and security details that are extensively considered. We offer light wood framing, insulated framing, and others for our customer needs.

We have experienced framing carpenters who construct the building’s framework efficiently and some other structures in the project plan. They are also able to interpret blueprints and have knowledge of safety regulations and building codes. Our exceptional framing carpenters demonstrate excellent problem-solving skills as well.


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  1. Brenda C.
    Brenda C. says:

    We all admire the incredible work Universal Framing Carpentry completed at our home. Their work is of excellent quality as are the products and materials they used. We will surely enjoy the work you completed for us in the years to come.

  2. Jemma
    Jemma says:

    With their qualified carpenters who have years of experience, dealing with intricate structural elements in framing is just easy for them. The company ensures that the space they are creating lasts for years to come.

  3. Nicolas McLeod
    Nicolas McLeod says:

    If your floors, walls, or ceilings are starting to weaken, it’s time to repair the wooden framing of your house. To find out whether your home is suffering from rot or water damage, it is indeed recommended to seek help from a home carpentry service pro like them to check and provide a solution.

  4. Damian
    Damian says:

    I am happy to read this article. It is quite difficult to look for the best framing carpentry service in Canada that you can depend on. It is good to know that there are still small or big companies that can assure everything.

  5. Romy A.
    Romy A. says:

    I had a great experience working with Universal Framing Carpentry Services. They did an excellent job on my framing project and were very professional throughout the process. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a framing contractor.

  6. Mark V.
    Mark V. says:

    If you’re looking for a framing company that does high-quality work and is reasonably priced, I would highly recommend Universal Framing Carpentry. I’ve used their services several times and have always been very happy with the results.

  7. Julian Y.
    Julian Y. says:

    There is no doubt that framing services by Universal Framing Carpentry are some of the best in the business. They use top quality materials and their workmanship is impeccable. They are always on time and very professional. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs framing services.

  8. Jerson M.
    Jerson M. says:

    I have used the framing services provided by Universal Framing Carpentry on several occasions and I have been extremely impressed with their work.

  9. Harvey G.
    Harvey G. says:

    I had an amazing experience working with Universal Framing Carpentry. The team was professional and did an incredible job on my framing project. I highly recommend their services!

  10. Sylvester S.
    Sylvester S. says:

    I have been a customer of Universal Framing Carpentry for several years, and I can honestly say that they provide some of the best framing services around.


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