Interior designing is a much of complex job than many people think. Even if you are an extreme interior designing enthusiast it is quite an impossible job to do it perfectly without any professional help. Most of the interior work we do requires a long amount of time with a huge amount of money. When you are doing interior work this will be long-term or permanent work, thus it is important to do them with a professional interior designer.


Interior designer is those professional people with eclecticism who has professional degrees to give your home, workplace, school anything where humans visits, lives, works, or go for comfort a makeover with the perfect balance of art and science. Interior designer will give your home, office, school an aesthetic crossover of present-time and customary time. That is why it is important to go to an interior designer for the interior makeover rather than doing it yourself.


There are many interior designers in the market but getting an interior designer company that also does the best carpentry work is quite a task. But Universal framing carpentry corp ( is here for 20 years doing both interior design and any kind of carpentry work is such a blessing. Because first, you have to find both the different carpenter and interior designer and second how will they cooperate with each other. Carpenters and interior designers’ cooperation depends on how your dream project will turn out. But Universal framing carpentry corp provides the best carpentry work as well as the best interior designer. And their work ethic is extremely high along with their client review on them. Before knowing why choosing them will be the best decision let’s see what services they provide.

  • Framing
  • Custom house framing
  • Structural framing
  • New additional framing
  • Carpentry
  • Rough carpentry
  • Remodelling
  • Renovation
  • Decorative boxing
  • New build construction
  • Open concept living
  • Structural reconfiguration
  • Basement and specific floor framing
  • Wood structure framing
  • Install steel beam
  • Install steel post
  • Install exterior doors and windows

These are the main services Universal framing carpentry corp provides for their clients. These works require extreme professionalism and experienced hands not everybody in the carpentry market is reliable for these works and when the carpentry company is also the interior designer it is a plus. These framework and millwork are usually a bit expensive but Universal framing carpentry corp has the best pricing policy.


This interior designer and carpentry company is in the market for 20 years in the greater Toronto area, in a market full of competition it is impossible for anyone to stay relevant for so many years. But as they are worthy enough that is why they have been in the market for so many years. This interior designer and carpentry company says

  • They believe in doing promising work.
  • They are here to give their clients imagination to reality.
  • They give attention to every small to major detail.
  • They don’t care how big or small the project is their main goal is client satisfaction and perfect finishing with the work.

Before choosing this interior designer and carpentry company their client review is a must to know to get the real view inside.


It is a big dilemma to choose an interior designer without knowing their actual way of work is actually good or not because interior designing is a big decision. But if we know what their clients say about them is gets easier to choose whether this interior designer is actually good or not.

  • UNBELIEVABLE OUTCOME: No matter how impossible the design was they make sure that their client gets exactly what they wanted. The final work was even better than the drawing which exceeded the client’s imagination and expectations. The outcome was unbelievable.
  • EXCEEDED EXPECTATION: While handing the interior designer the dream project the expectation was not that high but after they finished their work it exceeded the expectation.
  • ANALYZE EVERY DETAIL: This interior designer analyzed each and every detail. From where the project was supposed to be to which carpentry work will be used more so which material will be the best they analyzed each and everything.
  • RECOMMEND BETTER: Most of the time even if the outer view will be perfect but that will not be good for the client they used to tell us before everything and they used to give us an even better creative solution without costing any more money.
  • IMPROVES DESIGN: As they are professionals so they know what will be the best and whatnot. Even if they find any design which will not be the best for their clients rather than denying the dream of their client they improve the design and makes sure their client is happy.
  • QUICK RESPONSE: Carpentry work with interior designers is not only hard but very confusing as well. Your designs get changed every now and then you are feeling to change everything every moment and you have to tell the designers real fast otherwise it gets impossible to fix them. But with the interior designer of Universal framing carpentry corp, it was extremely seamless as they were always there for us 24/7. We did not have to wait to get an answer.
  • FLEXIBILITY: Most of the time working with big companies as they are extremely professional it is hard to cooperate with them. But with them, It was extremely flexible to work.
  • AGILITY: EVEN if you change anything last moment they were so professional and they had the perfect balance of teamwork they could switch any plan at any moment without causing any issue.
  • HONEST: Most of the times interior designers do not tell you if your imagination or requirement is bad or not. But my interior designer from Universal framing carpentry corp was extremely honest with that even if it did not occur them any advantage.
  • PUNCTUAL: Carpentry work takes the most time in any interior design work yet interior designers from Universal framing carpentry corp and their full team worked so punctually and they finished their work before the deadline.

These are the client review of  Universal framing carpentry corp. They are from the greater Toronto area but the cities they serve are


This interior designer is not only professional, punctual, flexible, agile but 1% of their work profit goes to the hospital for sick children.

PHONE NUMBER 4168904542

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  1. Steve
    Steve says:

    Amazing Interior Design company. I loved the way they designed our living room, bedrooms, and basement. They have a very good creative taste for furniture, accessories, etc.

  2. Angelique
    Angelique says:

    I loved the way they designed our newly renovated house, it looks modern and pleasant, they are highly recommended!

  3. Cris L.
    Cris L. says:

    If you’re in need of a reliable and affordable interior designer, Universal Framing Carpentry Services is the way to go. I used them for a full home renovation and they did an amazing job. They were able to work within my budget and helped me choose furniture and finishes that would make my house look its best. highly recommend!

  4. Mara M.
    Mara M. says:

    They took my vision and turned it into a reality, creating a space that is both functional and stylish. Their attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction is second to none. I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a professional, high-quality interior design.

  5. Christine P.
    Christine P. says:

    Interior designing is one of the most important aspects of any home or office. It is essential to ensure that the interiors are attractive and comfortable so that people can feel relaxed and happy while spending time inside.

  6. Stuart L.
    Stuart L. says:

    I have used the framing services provided by Universal Framing Carpentry on several occasions and I have been extremely impressed with their work.


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