Structural framing is a system consisting of a series of connected elements that resist the necessary loads for the whole structure and allow the rest of the structure to account for other concerns.

Similar to the human body, a house/ structure requires a firm skeleton for support. This skeleton is usually referred to as structural framing, acting as a foundation of one’s house’s structure. Therefore, structural framing is indeed one of the most important aspects of a building.

Types of Structural Framing

Rigid Frame Structure

The Rigid Frame Structure is a type of structural framing aimed to resist deformation. Rigid frame structures can be described as the constructions in which beams & columns are made monolithically and act collectively to resist the significances created due to applied load.

Rigid frame structures contribute more durability and structural integrity. This type of structural framing resists the shear, moment, and torsion more effectively than any other type of frame structure.

Braced Frame Structure

 In this structural framing system, bracing is often given between beams and columns to bolster the structural framing’s resistance against the lateral forces and sideways forces brought by the applied load. This type of bracing is achieved by putting the diagonal members between the selected beams and columns.

This structural framing system grants more efficient resistance against earthquake and wind forces. This frame system is more effective than a rigid frame system.

The performance of load-bearing structures is usually dependent on the mass of structures. To fulfill this requirement of load-bearing structures, there is a need to increase the volume of structural elements (walls and slab). This increase in the volume of the structural elements leads toward the construction of the thick wall. Because of such intricate types of construction, labor and construction costs increase. In the construction of the thick wall, there will be great attention, which will further reduce construction speed.

If we contrast load-bearing structures with the framed structures, framed structures appear to be more flexible, economical, and can carry heavy loads. Frame structures can be maintained/ rehabilitated at any time. Moreover, various services can be provided in frame structures, making the utilization of the frame structures flexible.

Importance of a Good Structural Framing

Proper framing is essential to guarantee one’s home will not collapse or squeak when it’s finished. The engineering drawings for framing are somehow similar to a step-by-step guide to building the structure. These plans show where the load-bearing beams are, structural posts/ stakes, and headers of doors and window openings. Structural framing is more focused on every detail, major or minor. When the framing for a project has been constructed, an inspector will check the framing, plumbing, and electrical quality. Furthermore, the inspector will also investigate the work done by any subcontractor who routes pipes, wires, and ductwork throughout the frame.

Structural framing is essential for the stability of a home. It guarantees that one’s house is safe to live in and constructed to stand against natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods. Reliable and excellent structural framing should not be overlooked.

Here at Universal Framing Carpentry, we are experts who can help you build your dream house using the best and efficient structural framing tools, materials, and techniques to meet your needs.

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  1. Amy A.
    Amy A. says:

    I can see that this company is truly an expert when it comes to structural framing. They got the best structural framing techniques. I began to understand how important structural framing really is when it comes to building homes. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Poppy R.
    Poppy R. says:

    Structural framing is really important in building a house. It should be planned and designed properly to build a strong foundation. It is very helpful to find a company that offers this kind of service these days. It can save you from the hassles and problems.

  3. Daniel O.
    Daniel O. says:

    Universal Framing Carpentry is something you can rely on when it comes to structural framing. It is a company that can handle any carpentry works. It is like all in one!

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    We had them frame our new home and could not be happier with the results. The entire process was smooth and hassle-free from start to finish. The crew was professional, courteous and they did a great job.

  5. Greg D.
    Greg D. says:

    Structural framing is one of the most important parts of any construction work. It is basically very useful in supporting and strengthening all types of structural elements in a construction project. Universal Framing Carpentry is one of the leading companies that offer high-quality structural framing services.

  6. Aila R.
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  8. Rolando C.
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    Recently we had a small project that required extensive structural framing for our new deck. After doing some research into the different companies in our area, we decided to go with Universal Framing Carpentry as they came highly recommended from several friends who had previously used their services.


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