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Dwelling in a home that is comfortable and well-structured, and well-designed is a dream for all of us.

Framing has a huge impact on all aspects of our homes. Similar to our body, a house also needs a strong skeleton for its support. Whether it’s structural framing or carpentry, even a small mistake in the framing stage can cause us tons of headaches later on. Universal Framing Carpentry Corp. provides the best framing services in Toronto and surrounding areas.

Following the latest trends and, of course, the strong structure, Universal Framing Carpentry Corp. provides services like – Framing, Custom House Framing, New Addition Framing, Carpentry, Structural Framing, Rough carpentry, Remodeling, Renovation, and Decorative Boxing. Some additional services include Open Concept Living, New Build Construction, Structural Reconfiguration, Install Steel Beam, Wood Structure Framing, Install Steel Post, Basement and Specific Floor, and Install Exterior Doors and Windows. If you live in Toronto and surrounding areas, you can get the best framing services for your house.

Best Framing and Renovation Services in Toronto

Universal Framing Carpentry Corp. thinks ahead to all the work that comes afterward and makes sure that the quality end product will be the same as you have imagined. With the knowledge and experience of 20 years, our professionals make sure this happens and bring value to the table.

Are you in need of a house extension or renovation? Maybe you have always wanted to add a second level or add some extra rooms to your house. The best framing business in Toronto can help you extend your house and increase its face and market value. We provide great possible assistance from top professionals on the same day you need them. So, are you ready to bring your desired changes to the house? All you need to do is to reach us at (416) 890 – 4542.

Universal Framing Carpentry Corp. believes in bringing change by actions, this is why 1% of your total payment goes to the hospital for sick children.

Professional Framing Services By Universal Framing Carpentry Corp.

Framing Carpentry ServicesAdditional Services
FramingOpen Concept Living
Custom House FramingStructural Reconfiguration
New Addition FramingNew Build Construction
Structural FramingBasement and Specific Floor Framing
CarpentryWood Structure Framing
Rough CarpentryInstall Steel Beam
RemodelingInstall Steel Post
RenovationInstall Exterior Doors and Windows
Decorative Boxing 

Best Framing In Toronto

From exterior walls to door frames and roof sheathing, we use advanced tools and equipment to meet the specifications and designs of our clients. The framing services include the installation of core structures and framing of the whole house. The framing services involve the best lumber with no to minimal cracking. We ensure that stable and long-lasting framing is always done. We have done framing jobs for hundreds of buildings, houses, and offices in Toronto and the surrounding areas. Reaching the best results in framing requires using only the best materials such as nails, lumber, sheathing, and frames. These are the top products we use to complete the project. The experienced and professional framing carpenters from Universal Framing Carpentry Corp. Team will assist you in meeting the best framing results for your house.

Custom House Framing in Toronto

After the foundations of your house, it’s time for custom house framing. Custom house framing has an impact on all aspects of your house. It involves the subfloor, exterior, interior walls, and more. You will get the best quality custom house framing at Universal Framing Carpentry Corp.

New Addition Framing for Your House in Toronto

Whether you want to add a second floor to your house or another room, we help you customize the house through new addition framing. We provide skilled professionals with years of experience and knowledge in carpentry jobs.

Structural Framing in Toronto – The Backbone of Your House

Proper structural framing is needed to ensure that the house will not collapse. Universal Framing Carpentry Corp. will ensure that your house is strong enough to hold all the weight being put on the walls and roof.

Carpentry in Toronto

Carpentry services that we provide include general carpentry, repairing ceilings, carpentry for interior and exterior renovation, and more. You can get carpentry that is custom-made for your home, office, etc. Our carpenters have all the modern and traditional skills carried out manually. They communicate precisely to the clients and provide them with the best service. Whether it’s a custom-made office, home or business space, we can renovate and redesign it to match your vision. Moreover, the carpentry services that we provide include works for tables, desks, chairs, doors, closets, cupboards, cabinets, and more.

Rough Carpentry in Toronto

It’s the rough carpentry that focuses on the skeletal system or the framing of your house. An experienced and skilled carpenter ensures that your house’s wood or metal support system meets the proper strength standards. As the support system of the house, rough carpentry should be errorless. This is why you need a team of highly trained and experienced professionals. If you’re looking for such a team, give us a call at the Universal Framing Carpentry Corp. Our rough carpentry team will assist you in building rough wooden structures for your house or office.

Remodelling in Toronto

Universal Framing Carpentry Corp. provides remodelling services to you the way you want them to be. Whether it’s for increasing its value or for personal comfort, remodelling can help you improve your house or office. Our experienced carpenters and craftsmen will deliver the best remodelling services. We provide remodelling services in major cities such as Toronto and surrounding areas. With the help of remodelling professionals, you can improve your home the way you want. Only the best materials and equipment are used for the stability of your remodelling property.

Renovation in Toronto

Do you want to renovate your house to create a new appearance? The renovation process of any house requires multiple stages and, of course, skilled professionals. From planning, engineering, repairing to finishing, the entire process of renovation can be overwhelming. The only thing you need to do is sketch the design of the area you want to remodel and then inspect whether any part of the house needs repair or not. Universal Framing Carpentry Corp. will renovate your property as per your requirements. With the usage of some earthquake protection techniques, our team of experienced professionals guarantees that your house is safe from any damage.

Decorative Boxing for House in Toronto

Do you want to hide the installations in your house? Then, it would be best if you try decorative boxing to hide pipes, rods, and wires. We have professionals who are experienced in decorative boxing. Our clients have given the best feedback as they say that they are satisfied with this service.

New Build Construction in Toronto

New build construction is different from remodelling and renovation. This may include the construction of new facilities such as houses, office blocks, apartments, etc. In general, new build construction is often used as the construction of new homes. At Universal Framing Carpentry Corp, the experts can help you with new build construction using the best tools, materials and techniques. We offer our new build construction services in Toronto and surrounding areas.

Open Concept Living in Toronto

Nowadays, the idea of open concept living is getting more and more popular. Commonly used in houses, people have started adopting this design to their offices. Apart from housing, open concept living is also used in offices as it can also help decrease the boundaries between people. Some people prefer to join the dining room or kitchen and living room or make a large room containing all three. We’ve collaborated with multiple clients in the open concept living construction services. You can expect 100% results from us, especially in maximizing the area through open concept living. 

Structural Reconfiguration in Toronto

Do you want to reconstruct your property completely? Sometimes, structural reconfiguration is required to give your property a new look based on the type of activity. This requires the involvement of experienced and skilled carpenters. Universal Framing Carpentry Corp. offers the structural reconfiguration of any house or office. Some people want structural reconfiguration of their house to fix the damages caused by natural factors. At the same time, some people need it to make their houses more valuable and comfortable. Whatever the reason is, our skilled professionals will assist you throughout the structural reconfiguration process.

Basement And Specific Floor Framing in Toronto

Here at Universal Framing Carpentry Corp., you will find some excellent basement and specific floor framing designs by our expert craftsmen. These designs are developed as required by our clients and the local safety standards. Each property is unique; hence, we prefer to review it thoroughly with our clients before starting the process. From simple to the complex basement and specific floor framing, you can surely trust our team of experienced professionals.

Wood Structure Framing in Toronto

Wood structure framing is another quality service provided by our experts. Wood is undoubtedly the most natural material, and hence wood structure framing is preferred by many. It involves the construction of structural frames made from wooden components. Our team can help you build your dream home using the best wood structure framing tools and techniques. You can always expect the best outcome from us in Toronto and surrounding areas.

Steel Beam Installation in Toronto

Installing steel beams can help you protect your house from multiple factors such as weathering, termites, pests, etc. If you want to install steel beams, Universal Framing Carpentry Corp. will assist you throughout the process. Steel beams are effective in carrying heavy loads and remain unaffected by bending. Our engineers can create several designs from steel as it can be twisted and curved, unlike other conventional materials.

Steel Post Installation in Toronto

Steel posts installation is always better than wood framing. Experts always recommended focusing on the strength, quality and durability of framing. Steel posts have all these qualities and come with a lot of designs. If you’re choosing to install steel posts, you’re bringing many advantages, primarily its durability. Do you want to install steel posts in your house? We offer steel posts installation services in Toronto and surrounding areas. 

Install Exterior Doors And Windows in Toronto

Universal Framing Carpentry Corp is considered to be the best option in Toronto to install exterior doors and windows. Each door in your house should swing easily and bolt tightly. And our team of professionals will help you get these targets. No matter how complex the project is, our team of expert carpenters will get the results of your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do your framing services involve the framing of the whole house?

Yes, our framing services involve framing the whole house, including walls, floors, roof, and ceiling. We provide different framing options with reasonable expenses. 

2. Can a house extension add value to the house?

Yes, a quality house extension can always bring value to the house. It may increase the overall value to 20-23%. According to research, an extra double bedroom can add up to 12% value to your house.

3. We can’t figure out how and where to start our house extension. Can you help?

Having over 20 years of experience assisting multiple clients in their house extension, framing, and renovation, Universal Framing Carpentry Corp. provides the best framing and house extension services in Toronto and nearby areas. Our expert carpenters and craftsmen will help from start to finish of the house extension process.

4. Is structural framing really essential for the house?

Yes, structural framing is really essential for the stability of your house. It helps your house to stand safe and durable against several environmental factors. Universal Framing Carpentry Corp. can help you with the efficient structural framing of your house. 

5. What to expect from your remodelling services?

From planning to getting the final results, we have done multiple remodelling projects. We can upgrade your house or office and help you improve your property’s designs and functionality. We guarantee 100% satisfaction in remodelling houses.

6. How should I get started on the renovation of my house?

Before you get started, you’ll have to sketch a design about how you want the remodel work to be done. After inspecting the parts of your house that need installation, replacement or repair, you can go for renovation. Universal Framing Carpentry Corp. will assist you throughout the process of renovation.

7. Are your artisans skilled in decorative boxing?

Our team of artisans includes skilled and experienced professionals with plenty of years in the industry. Whether it’s decorative boxing or structural framing, the trained craftsmen will deliver the best service in Toronto.

8. Do remodelling and renovation come under the new build construction process?

Remodelling and renovation aren’t considered as new build construction. House extensions can come under the new build construction category except for those that have existing extended buildings.

9. Are your carpenters experienced in an open concept living construction?

Yes, our team of skilled carpenters has done several open concept living construction projects.

10. What cities does Universal Framing Carpentry Corp. operate in?

Universal Framing Carpentry Corp. operates in almost all major cities and towns near Toronto. If you’re curious about our perimeters, you can always reach us at (416) 890 – 4542.

11. Do you offer structural reconfiguration of houses?

Yes, we guarantee the structural reconfiguration of houses using the best and efficient tools and techniques.

12. Have you delivered the basement and specific floor framing services?

We’ve delivered the basement and specific floor framing services with 100% client’s satisfaction. Our team provides the best services in Toronto at an affordable and reasonable price.

13. How is wood structure framing done?

Wood structure framing is done by assembling engineered wood lumber which gets regularly spaced and is used to create floors, wall and roof assemblies. Here at Universal Framing Carpentry Corp, we also offer wood structure framing services.

14. Are steel beams more efficient than wooden ones?

Yes, steel beams are more efficient than wooden ones. Steel has greater support capacity and will protect your house from pests, rotting and termites.

15. Do you install exterior doors and windows for houses?

Yes, we can install exterior doors and windows according to your project. Our team of experts will guide you in the installation of exterior doors and windows.

16. Is opting for steel posts a good option?

Yes, it is. Installation of steel posts has more advantages than wood framing. These advantages include quality, strength, durability and ease of use.

17. What carpentry services do you offer?

Universal Framing Carpentry Corp offers several carpentry services, including general carpentry, ceilings and doors maintenance, and more.

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    I can’t say enough great things about Universal Framing Carpentry. I’ve been looking for a reliable, professional and best framing company in the Toronto area for quite some time, and am so happy I finally found them. They’re prompt, courteous and have reasonable prices that fit my budget.

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    If you’re looking for Steel Beam Installation in Toronto, Universal Framing Carpentry is the company to go with. What makes them stand out from the rest is their dedication to complete customer satisfaction. I have never had any work done by them that wasn’t completed on time and they always keep me informed about what’s going on in the process.

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    Universal Framing Carpentry is one of the best new build construction companies in Toronto. We were very pleased with the service and professionalism that they offer their customers. From consultation to project completion, Universal Framing Carpentry was by our side every step of the way!

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    I’ve established a relationship with Universal Framing Carpentry a few years ago and I have to say that they are one of the best steel post installation companies in Toronto. They have the best prices, and their sales staff is top notch! If you need steel posts installed – this is the company to call.

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    Universal Framing Carpentry is the best custom house framing company in Toronto. I have worked with them on a number of occasions and each time they have been fast, reliable and affordable. They offer a variety of services for all your home needs – whether you are looking to build or renovate, you know where to go!

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    I am so happy that I made the decision to consult with Universal Framing to do the renovation in Toronto in my home. They were detailed and accommodating from the very beginning, making sure that my needs were met before they started. The staff they sent out on-site were very experienced and talented. I have never seen a framer work with such precision!

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    When it comes to carpentry, there are a lot of good guys in the market but Universal Framing Carpentry is the top pick. They’re reliable, their prices are affordable and they do a great job with rough carpentry in Toronto.

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    When you’re in need of framing carpentry in Toronto, Universal Framing Carpentry is the company for you. They are experts at all things related to carpentry and take pride in our work. All of their employees are extremely professional and detailed-oriented. You’ll never find a more reliable or trustworthy framer!

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    I live in Toronto and needed my house re-framed after I relocated to a new neighborhood. While looking for builders in the area, I came across Universal Framing Carpentry and their website looked promising. There are a lot of contractors in the city but few specialize on structural reconfiguration in Toronto as they do.

  10. Gwendolyn
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    We were having so much trouble finding a good wood structure framing company in Toronto, until we found Universal Framing Carpentry. These guys know how to build anything and with their customer service, there’s really no better company out there. I’m looking forward to having them do more work for us in the future.

  11. Bonnie
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    We have been working with Universal Framing Carpentry for years and they have been renovating our homes one by one. I think their work is top-notch; we’ve never had any complaints. They always come in on time, on budget and with a high level of quality. We would gladly recommend them to anyone looking for a good remodelling in Toronto.

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    Whether you need carpentry services for a new construction, or to repair and renovate your existing space, Universal Framing Carpentry is the team for you. I’ve used their services on many occasions and am always satisfied with the work performed. They are efficient, detail-oriented, and very meticulous in their approach. They are certainly the best in carpentry in Toronto.

  13. Ann A.
    Ann A. says:

    Living in Toronto and being surrounded by the same old, same old house designs is not for me. I wanted to live in an open concept living in Toronto that felt fresh and new. After a lot of research, I found Universal Framing Carpentry and they were exactly what I was looking for.

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    I am writing to recommend Universal Framing Carpentry. They have been my go-to company for a while now. I appreciate the professionalism, price point and quality of the work they provide. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs new addition framing for your house in Toronto!

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    I had an incredible experience with Universal Framing Carpentry. I needed to install exterior doors and windows in Toronto, and the team at Universal Framing Carpentry was amazing. They took the time to understand my needs and offer me a range of options that were within my budget.

  16. Edward Whitney
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    I’ve been a customer of Universal Framing Carpentry for over ten years now, and I am always happy with the work that they do. I’ve tried other companies in the past but their prices are always too high and the quality of their work is just not up to par. I recommend them to all my friends looking for a great contractor for basement and specific floor framing in Toronto.

  17. Carol F.
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    I first came across Universal Framing Carpentry for their decorative boxing services for house in Toronto and loved the idea immediately. I contacted them to discuss my project and they were able to meet my needs. They offered me a great price for their work and delivered on time.

  18. Dorothy Davison
    Dorothy Davison says:

    I went with Universal Framing Carpentry for the structural framing the backbone of my house in Toronto and I’m so glad I did. They were able to complete the job on time, within budget and their workmanship is impeccable.

  19. Roy A.
    Roy A. says:

    I’ve been doing renovation work for years but I finally decided to go all pro. The first thing I thought of was Universal Framing Carpentry. If you want the best framing and renovation services in Toronto then this is your place!

  20. Alma D.
    Alma D. says:

    As a homeowner, over the years we have had many projects that needed to be completed. We used to always do it ourselves, but once we had kids and our time became more limited, we were no longer able to take on all the jobs. That’s when I found Universal Framing Carpentry. They are an amazing framing service that offers competitive pricing and does and they provide professional framing services.


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