Custom homes are a kind of home built and designed to meet clients’ specific needs and requirements in a specific location. The custom home building provides clients with an opportunity to control the size, layout, framing, and most of the activities necessary to achieve their dream home. Building a custom home gives you and your family the home they have always pictured. This makes you achieve the comfortability and latest trends and models you wanted.

Renovations involve making changes and improvements to the existing structure, home, or building. It is important especially when you wanted to retain the memories you had. To achieve custom homes and renovation, kindly contact universal framing carpentry on 416 890 4542 and learn more on our company’s website.

Universal Framing Carpentry offers services such as custom home framing, new addition framing, renovation, remodeling, new build construction, structural reconfiguration, basement, and specific floor framing carpentry, interior design among others as highlighted on our website.

Universal Framing Carpentry supplies his custom homes and renovation services over a large geographical area Vaughan, Aurora, Markham, Scarborough, Richmond Hill, Newmarket, Nobleton, Stouffville, Keswick, East Gwillimbury, Toronto, Thornhill, North York, Etobicoke, Bradford, Uxbridge, Woodbridge, King City, Concord, Brampton. Read more on our website about custom homes and renovations and contact us on 416-890-4542.

At Universal Framing Carpentry, our engineers will help you build and or renovate a house that meets you and your family’s needs. Are you ready to start building a custom home and renovation? please contact 416-890-4542 for assistance and or visit our website.

Hiring universal framing carpentry ensures quality custom homes and renovations, the latest technology and building codes, comfortable and customized custom homes and renovations.

Many clients find it difficult in choosing between custom homes and renovations.

Considerations for a custom home

The following considerations determine the route a client decides between custom homes and renovations. Custom homes and renovations differ in terms of cost, space, design options and level of technology to be incorporated as discussed below. Additionally, many individuals choose between custom homes and renovations as per the comfortability they require, privacy, and family needs.

Availability of finances. Finance has become a key determinant of comfort and a better lifestyle. With the help of experts ensure that you have the required capital to fund your custom home. Having adequate capital ensures you get a fully customized home. Custom homes and renovations have a different levels of capital requirements.

Need for a new beginning. If you need a new beginning it is important you consider building a new home. It gives fresh memories and emotions. However, this can be achieved in both custom homes and renovations. To get this done visit our website at universal framing carpentry and or call us on 416-890-4542.

Modernize your house, some individuals have the desire of changing with a change in technology. The need for energy-efficient appliances, modern building codes, and new technological innovations drives people to build new homes they desire. With the help of experts from universal framing carpentry, it can be attained in both custom homes and renovations.

Benefits of having custom homes.

  • Location

A huge part of designing a new home is the ability to choose the exact location of where you want to live. Most families want to live in areas with things they love, surrounded by social amenities. Once, you settle on your preferred location, you begin your project of getting your custom home done. Choosing a good company with quality services and a good location sums it up. For the best company on the market call 416-890-4542 and visit their website.

  • Fully customizable.

Building your own home presents a client with unlimited choices to make. You can choose your own style and design to fit your family’s hobbies and lifestyle. You can build your home according to your needs and requirements. This is made possible with Universal Framing Carpentry company. Visit our company website and call us on 416-890-4542. Universal Framing Carpentry assures their client of a modern home that incorporates the latest technological innovations that help transform your living experience.

  • Up-to-date with the building codes.

A custom home will be constructed according to the latest codes in the construction industry. Custom homes allow you to use the best technologies and resources. This includes creating an energy-efficient home, rainwater harvesting technology, use of solar panels, and or use of better installation within the walls. To get the best custom homes and renovation with the latest building codes contact 416-890-4542.

  • Better quality.

Completely customizing your home will reduce the chances of having a low-quality home. Many constructions companies especially Universal framing carpentry ensure that they deliver based on the clients’ needs. Universal framing carpentry company works together with their client offering advice where necessary to ensure the need is satisfied. For higher quality custom homes and renovations call 416-890-4542.

  • Build a customized home on any land.

Universal framing carpentry company covers Toronto and its neighboring areas. When you choose it, you have the ability to get your custom home done in any land of your choice. We boast of a rich pool of professionals that give construction blueprints that can optimize any area. To enjoy such benefits contact us on 416-890-4542 and a quick check on our website.

  • Get the ultimate comfort.

With complete control over every stage of construction, landscaping, designing, you will truly get a home you envision in your mind. Every individual has specific family priorities that necessitate specific designs that suit their needs. Check universal framing carpentry’s website for more guidance and or call 416-890-4542.

  • More space for customization.

Building your own home gives you more space to design features that appeals to you. Extensions and additions are not constricted in any way you have much more space to work with.

  • Complete privacy

When you have control over the construction, you can add means of privacy as much as possible, this includes private fences. Universal framing carpentry offers privacy as per the requirements a client wants. Call us on 416-890-4542 or visit our website to learn how this can be achieved and also to get more information on custom homes and renovations.

Move-in when you want.

A new home has a schedule for every activity thus when the date is due you exactly the condition of the house. Existing homes may have a wall or floor that needs to be repaired, you cannot plan to relocate to it comfortably. You must do a prior inspection.

Get started with Universal framing carpentry company on 416-890-4592 or visit our website to realize your dream of having a custom home and renovations.

Considerations for renovation

Budget. It is essentially important to consider the amount you are willing to spend to meet and achieve the standards you require. Some repairs might be very expensive to upgrade. To get the best estimate and also a company that can utilize the resources you have visit universal framing carpentry’s website and call us through 416-890-4542

Available space. The most limiting factor is space availability. There is a limited option of expanding a particular area of the building. Universal framing carpentry maximizes available space to offer the best services for both custom homes and renovations. Visit our website for more information and find us on phone at 416-890-4542.

Design style.  An existing home allows sticking to pre-existing design as the only option. You are limited in the use of modern technology. No freedom of using it fully. Old designs lack modern technologies such as energy-efficient appliances, floor plans, latest interior designs.

For professional advice on custom homes and renovations contact us today at universal framing carpentry on 416-890-4542.

 Benefits of renovating a home

  1. Personalized house. Remodeling allows one to make changes and maintain emotional attachment, old memories of his house. This meets current family needs, lifestyles, and wants on a limited budget. Get affordable custom homes and renovations service from a universal framing carpentry company. Call us on 416-890-4542.
  2. Cuts down on heavy costs. Although some repairs may be too expensive, the cost of building a new home is much higher than renovating an existing one.
  3. Improves the value of your house. Adding electric appliances, garden landscaping, using modern interior designs boost the value of the house. It makes the house comfortable. Choose Universal Framing carpentry for better results. For custom homes and renovations, call on 416 890 4542.
  4. Design options. You need a well-renovated house, universal framing carpentry offers special remodeling options such as installing exterior doors and windows, structural reconfiguration, specific floor framing, interior designs. However, might not allow for flexible planning. For better quality design options call 416-890-4542 to get help. You can also visit our website to experience more on custom homes and renovations.


To summarize, building a new home and renovating an existing structure requires professional expertise for you to get the desired standard, quality, and results. In most cases, most people prefer remodeling and renovation of existing structures to having custom homes. This is because of the low capital requirement unless in cases of compelling situations such as job transfers. Both custom homes and renovations have their merits and demerits. In addition to factors given in this article, an increase in family size, outdated designs, job transfers contribute to choosing between custom homes and renovations.

Hiring Universal framing carpentry for your custom home and renovation project saves money spent. They will help you in site evaluations, construction, and coordination. They have different sets of skills involved with building a custom home and renovations of an existing home such as landscaping, communicating with architects.

Hope through this information, one can draw informed decisions on custom homes and renovations.

For clarification purposes, contact us on 416-890-4542 or visit our website for more information on custom homes and renovations.


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  1. Blake D. Hancock
    Blake D. Hancock says:

    I have been very impressed with the quality of the workmanship and service that I can always rely on from these guys. They are fantastic at their job, excellent at communication, and always on time for appointments.

  2. Dolores Olson
    Dolores Olson says:

    They’re professional, reliable, trustworthy, skilled, knowledgeable about construction and design. They always have great suggestions

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    I was extremely satisfied with the work they did, and was able to have the necessary wood floor installed without any problems!

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    We just had a kitchen remodel and our new cabinets are beautiful! We love how we were able to customize our space from the ground up.

  5. Norman
    Norman says:

    I found Universal Framing Carpentry on a Google search for a home contractor that does custom homes and renovation. I noticed that they have helped with every type of project and are professional grade. They were able to design and build my dream house, even though I was not sure exactly what I wanted!

  6. Jess Wheat
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    Universal Framing Carpentry knows the considerations for a custom home and will provide a level of quality that is the best. They are very professional at work and they do the work efficiently. I will hire them again when I need their services.

  7. Linda C.
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    Universal Framing Carpentry gives so many benefits of renovating a home. The other benefits include, but are not limited to, lessened risk of damage to your home and environment, and substantial savings in property taxes.

  8. David C.
    David C. says:

    With Universal Framing Carpentry, I enjoyed the project without hassle. It’s so nice to be able to prepare a budget and all the necessary materials beforehand, then come home and run through each step of the blueprint with ease! Benefits of renovating a home are amplified when you have a trusted, experienced contractor to manage the project for you.

  9. Stephen Weston
    Stephen Weston says:

    I just wanted to let you know that I had a great experience working with Universal Framing Carpentry. I am a repeat customer and they have always been able to do an amazing job in designing the home of my dreams! Some of the benefits of having custom homes includes the ability to make changes on your own time and budget. Universal Framing Carpentry was able to design my home and have it built within a month!


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