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Framing is a process of assembling the structural elements of a building with wooden or metal framing members, usually by nailing or screwing them together. It is one of the most important steps in construction. The residential framing contractors in Toronto are an essential part of construction and home improvement projects. They provide services like carpentry, framing, and drywall to make sure that projects are completed on time and within budget. Universal Framing Carpentry is a residential framing contractor in Toronto that provides services to all types of customers – from homeowners to builders. We offer carpentry services such as woodwork, drywall, and more at competitive rates. Framing carpentry is the installation of framing and structural timber work in buildings. It is a fundamental building trade that historically has been done by carpenters, builders or masons. Framing carpentry can include timber support but it usually consists of a wall framed with wooden studs or boards. The most common framing carpentry tasks are installing sheathing installing wall studs, joists, rafters and floor joists in a structure.

A good residential framing contractor in Toronto is someone who can provide a wide range of services, including installing the walls, installing windows and doors, and painting. A good residential framing contractor should also be able to provide a warranty for their work and a guarantee on time frames for all of the work that was done, so you can be sure that there is no risk involved. A good residential framing contractor in Toronto should also have a team who are specialized in different areas of construction and who can complete the work quickly and efficiently.

Universal Framing Carpentry is a framing contractor that offers a range of benefits. The first benefit is the savings on labor costs. This benefit can be seen by comparing the cost of hiring a framing contractor to the cost of hiring an average carpenter. The second benefit is the savings on materials. The third benefit is peace-of-mind knowing that your home will be built according to code and with quality workmanship. As a residential framing contractor in Toronto, we are committed to the highest standards of quality and safety in all our work. We are experienced framers who can handle any size project, from small residential renovations to large commercial projects. The best framing contractor in Toronto is the one who makes your home look amazing. We are experts in our field and we know what we are doing. We have a lot of experience and you can trust us to do the job well. Universal Framing Carpentry is a framing and carpentry company that has been in business for years. We have built our reputation by providing quality work at an affordable price. Universal Framing Carpentry is committed to providing quality work at an affordable price with a focus on customer satisfaction.


How to Ensure a Successful Residential Framing Project

A successful residential framing project is all about the details. It is about how you approach your client and how you deliver on your promises.

There are some basic steps that a residential framing contractor in Toronto should take to ensure success. They include:

– Establishing a relationship with your client

– Communicating with clarity

– Making sure that you have the right tools for the job

– Taking measurements correctly

– Estimating costs accurately

Once all these are carefully considered and executed, a residential framer has the best chance of success.

·         Establishing a relationship with your client: A lot of times, building owners will be working with contractors for the very first time and without any kind of relationship established. It’s important to take the time to establish your client’s needs and goals before beginning a project.

·         Forecasting costs: Your cost estimates are a key part of the proposal process and how you present them is an important factor in determining whether a client will hire you to complete the work.

·         Communicating with clarity: Clients have many questions and concerns when they’re hiring a contractor, so it’s important to be clear and concise in your answers.

·         Ensuring quality: Quality is the most important aspect of residential framing and you should invest time into making sure your work is done properly.

·         Making sure that you have the right tools for the job: Clients will be more inclined to hire you if they’re confident you have the necessary tools and skillset.

·         Honing your hand: You need to have a strong grasp on the materials that you work with and be able to handle them properly.

·         Negotiating for a fair price: There’s no point in getting paid more for doing less.

·         Taking measurements correctly: If you take measurements incorrectly, your project will be flawed from the start.

·         Estimating costs accurately: You should provide your client accurate estimates on the whole project to avoid getting any issues after the project is completed.

Framing is a crucial aspect of building a custom home. It’s important that you hire a professional framing contractor so that your project goes smoothly. Toronto has some of the best residential framing contractors due to their vast experience and ability to deliver top-quality work. Universal Framing Carpentry has an excellent track record of providing high-quality work and outstanding customer service, our company is one of the best residential framing contractors in the Toronto area. We are fully insured and licensed to work on your project. We use premium materials for durability and beauty, our team can work with your contractor to coordinate construction timelines and deliver on time.

Traditionally, residential framing is done by a carpenter who uses a tool called a square and uses hammer and nails to secure the frame. However, this method takes time to do correctly, requires expensive materials and can be quite dangerous if not done correctly. Universal Framing Carpentry is using an alternative way that has taken the industry by storm. It is more efficient than using traditional framing methods and doesn’t require a square. It is a more affordable, safer and faster way to frame homes. Universal Framing Carpentry uses a special tool which cuts notches into the top of all framing members and then uses screws to secure them together; this method takes less time than using nails, and is much safer than using the hammer and nails to secure the frame members. The amount of time, effort and materials required to construct a residential framing job is significantly less than that of traditional framing methods. It uses lighter materials so it has a lower cost, which means homeowners are saving money when they use Universal Framing Carpentry.

We provide our services in the following cities:

Aurora, Bradford, Brampton, Concord, East Gwillimbury, Etobicoke, Keswick, King City, Markham, Newmarket, Nobleton, North York, Richmond Hill, Scarborough, Stouffville, Thornhill, Toronto, Uxbridge, Vaughan and Woodbridge.

Contact us now at 416-890-4542 if you need a reliable residential framing contractor, we are always ready to serve.

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  1. Dominic
    Dominic says:

    I was extremely happy with the work done by Universal Framing Carpentry. They were able to frame my entire house in a mere two days, and they were meticulous and clean during the process. The work was done professionally and quickly, which is not something I’ve seen consistently with other residential framing contractors in Toronto.

  2. Mattie Ramirez
    Mattie Ramirez says:

    I’ve used the services of Universal Framing Carpentry on our two homes and they were a pleasure to work with. They’re professional and knowledgeable residential framing contractors in Vaughan, but also very easy to get along with. Their prices are fair as well and they get the job done in a timely fashion.

  3. Kenneth E.
    Kenneth E. says:

    It was a very positive experience working with Universal Framing Carpentry. They were on time, did what they promised, and made us feel like we could trust them. I highly recommend them for your next home project! They are definitely the best residential framing contractors in Keswick.

  4. Olivia Hower
    Olivia Hower says:

    I had a wonderful experience with Universal Framing Carpentry. The company is professional and easy to work with. I’m happy I made the decision to go with them because they are really good at what they do. I can’t say enough about the professionalism of this residential framing contractors in Concord, their quality of work and efficiency are absolutely the best in Concord!

  5. Patrick Day
    Patrick Day says:

    I hired Universal Framing Carpentry to renovate my home, and they did an excellent job. The work came out beautiful and I was beyond thrilled. I would highly recommend them if you’re looking for the best residential framing contractors in Scarborough!

  6. Scott B.
    Scott B. says:

    I had a beautiful window installed by Universal. They did an amazing job and were very professional and reliable. I would refer them to anyone looking for residential framing contractors in the Toronto area.

  7. Susie P.
    Susie P. says:

    I appreciate Universal Framing Carpentry! They have great customer service, an easy to navigate website, and a professional team of framers. I would recommend them to the right people who need all kinds of framing services. I am really glad I hired the best residential framing contractors in Woodbridge.

  8. Charles Robinson
    Charles Robinson says:

    I am a customer of Universal Framing Carpentry, they are really great residential framing contractors in Toronto, I hired them for a project that I was working on and they were very professional and delivered high quality work on time. Their prices are very fair, especially considering their knowledge and experience.

  9. Matthew
    Matthew says:

    I was very happy to find this residential framing contractors in Aurora Ontario on the internet. I had been working with someone else for a year and getting nowhere. The other company didn’t offer anything like Universal Framing Carpentry did, so I decided to switch. They made the process easy and their website is top-notch. Plus, when you are dealing with home framing work, it’s always nice to find someone who is a licensed and bonded contractor. The work that Universal Framing Carpentry does is excellent. I love the attention to detail and how they make sure everything looks perfect before they are done.

  10. Thelma P.
    Thelma P. says:

    I was so excited to hear about Universal Framing Carpentry. I had been looking for a new residential framing contractors in Uxbridge and I found them! They offer all the services and products that you would hope for in a framing company.

  11. Jason Freeman
    Jason Freeman says:

    It is really difficult to get a workman on time. This was my problem until I came across Universal Framing Carpentry. I contacted them for initial consultation and got the appointment for the next day. After my experience with Universal Framing Carpentry, I can’t imagine having any other residential framing contractors in Richmond Hill do my framing. Great job guys!

  12. Danny Phillips
    Danny Phillips says:

    I called Universal Framing Carpentry to get some estimates on their services. They were able to come by the next day and give me an estimate! I was pretty impressed with how responsive they were and that they took my needs into consideration, even though the job wasn’t a large enough one for them to turn down. Thank you UFC you are really an amazing residential framing contractors in Toronto Ontario!

  13. Juan D.
    Juan D. says:

    Universal Framing Carpentry was great to work with. They were able to complete our framing project on time, on budget and within the scope of the project. We would definitely recommend them to be your residential framing contractors in Etobicoke.

  14. Rodney Palombo
    Rodney Palombo says:

    I wanted to say thank you for the beautiful job that you did on my parents shop. I knew it would be great when I saw it in person, but the final product was even better than I could have imagined. You guys do an amazing job and I’m so glad we went to the best residential framing contractors in Stouffville Ontario. Thank you again!

  15. Barry T.
    Barry T. says:

    I am happy to be working with Universal Framing Carpentry. They are a competent and professional company that provides value for their customers. This residential framing contractors in Toronto are very efficient and a pleasure to work with. I am thrilled with the results and highly recommend them!

  16. Derrick N.
    Derrick N. says:

    It was a pleasure working with Universal Framing Carpentry in the Thornhill area. The company’s team delivered excellent service and got the job done quickly. My new front door looks amazing and I am very happy with their work. If you need a residential framing contractors in Thornhill don’t hesitate to contact them!

  17. Henry S.
    Henry S. says:

    I used Universal Framing Carpentry as our residential framing contractors in Bradford for my new house and they did a really good job of framing the rooms. The installers were friendly, professional and cleaned up after themselves. The price was competitive, too!

  18. Justin Scott
    Justin Scott says:

    I’ll be honest, I didn’t know much about Universal Framing Carpentry when I started to work with them. They did a great job of educating me on the importance of framing and providing the best quality of work. They have been residential framing contractors in Brampton for years so I’m sure that they are really experts in what they do!

  19. Roberto Johnson
    Roberto Johnson says:

    I am an experienced carpentry contractor, and I brought in my dad to help me with my first project. We came across Universal Framing Carpentry, which was highly recommended by a family friend. This is the best residential framing contractors in East Gwillimbury I have ever worked with! They have amazing customer service, they are professional, and they have competitive pricing.

  20. William Garza
    William Garza says:

    I contacted this residential framing contractors in Toronto and they made me feel so confident with the services offered that I decided to hire them. They were very reliable and did amazing work. If I ever need framing done in the future, I will definitely reach out to them again.

  21. John J.
    John J. says:

    I am not the easiest person to please. I’m a perfectionist, and I expect a lot out of my contractors. When we started working with Universal Framing Carpentry on the side of our house, I was pleasantly surprised by their work ethic and professionalism. They started on time and finished on time which is really impressive for a residential framing contractors in Nobleton.

  22. Douglass C.
    Douglass C. says:

    Universal Framing Carpentry is a residential framing contractors in King City Ontario. They’ve made my day-to-day life so much easier with their amazing framing carpentry service. They’re pricing is hard to beat and I highly recommend them to be your residential framing contractor in King City area.

  23. Brandon P.
    Brandon P. says:

    I had a bad experience with another residential framing contractors in Markham and decided to try out Universal Framing Carpentry instead. What a great decision that turned out to be! I was referred by a friend, so they came highly recommended. They are the best residential framing contractors in Markham and I can’t recommend them enough!

  24. Dale Duran
    Dale Duran says:

    There’s no other way to say it, Universal Framing Carpentry are the best residential framing contractors in Newmarket. So I thought it’d be good to ask them a few questions and of course they were more than willing to answer. They offer top class work at a fraction of the cost compared to some of the other big companies around.

  25. James T.
    James T. says:

    We had a great experience working with Universal Framing Carpentry. Their quality of work was amazing as well as their customer service. They really helped make our new home feel like a home! Would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for residential framing contractors in North York.


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