Universal Framing Carpentry had done numerous open concept living designs and constructions. An open concept living design involves tearing down walls and opening up spaces to have a merged and shared space for everyone to see, connect, and interact with each other in the common area.

We have done open concept living construction by removing walls between the kitchen, dining, and living rooms. This modern open concept layout is not your typical floor plans from the ’70s and ’80s, which traditionally have a succession of closed-in rooms that can often create a labyrinth feeling in larger homes.

Most modern homes and families prefer this open concept living because of the feeling and atmosphere it creates more than the arrangement. We plan and design the open concept living spaces in the homes and offices to become much ideal to the people by creating more movable spaces to install a temporary design or furniture depending on what they want at a particular time and period.

Given our experience and expertise in design, construction, and carpentry, an open concept living space is a project that we do with excellence. Our designers, architects, and carpenters are highly skilled and trained with years of combined experience working in intensive carpentry and construction work. We are the best in our areas of operation such as Toronto, North York, Scarborough, Etobicoke, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Markham, Vaughan, Concord, Woodbridge, King City, Aurora, Newmarket.

The open concept living style, also known as the open floor plan, is a relatively new interior design concept commonly used in homes. Recently, some offices have adapted this design to lessen boundaries between employees and encourage them to work collaboratively with fewer walls and cubicles. This open concept living style is more practical to house more family members in a house and employees in an office. Our innovative designs, materials, and equipment for construction and carpentry work ensure our clients are in good hands.

Open floor plans have been dominating the architectural trend in new residential construction since about 1990. And they’ve been the goal in many major remodeling projects in older homes, where the objective is to join the kitchen and dining room, dining room, and living room, or all three into a certain form of communal living space or “great room.”

About 75% of our clients who asked us to do an open concept living construction for their homes are those planning to invest in real estate. A renovation or redesign of a home or any real estate property will automatically increase its market value. Since this is a more modern approach to style, design, and interiors, this gives more value to the property.

We guarantee you 100% customer satisfaction with our works, especially in doing open concept living projects. We can tailor fit the design based on what you want and what you need. Expect us to work with you to collaborate in the whole process of designing, demolishing, constructing, and even doing some interior decorations closely!

You do not need to spend too much to make your homes more relaxed and intimate. If you have a small floor area, an open concept living might be suitable for you to maximize the space you occupy and have some more sites to do more things around your homes and offices.


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  1. Julia P.
    Julia P. says:

    Open concept homes are pretty popular but there are also people who are not in favor of it. In my case, open concept living is my favorite for many reasons. I trusted Universal Framing Carpentry to remodel my first home and make it an open concept and we really loved it.

  2. Bailey Kelly
    Bailey Kelly says:

    Open concept is still in trend these days. I, myself, am a fan of this kind of house concept. I really salute contractors or companies that give their quality services when it comes to carpentry.

  3. Jeremiah Preston
    Jeremiah Preston says:

    It is my dream to turn my house into an open concept living. If that day will come, I wanted it to be done by Universal Framing Carpentry. They sure have everything I was looking for; the skills and expertise. I am excited!

  4. Kenzie F.
    Kenzie F. says:

    Open concept living really looks modern. Many prefer this design for their houses and that includes me. Keep it up Universal Framing Carpentry! I hope you bring satisfaction to more people. I also hope that one day we’ll work together in achieving this look for my home.

  5. Karla E.
    Karla E. says:

    I was curious about what open concept living is, only this article made me realize what really it is. Thank you for sharing the info.

  6. Justine K.
    Justine K. says:

    OPEN CONCEPT LIVING by Universal Framing Carpentry has been amazing! We had our kitchen, dining room and living room all torn down to the studs and rebuilt. The work was completed on time and on budget. The end result is a beautiful, modern open concept living space that we absolutely love. We would highly recommend this company.

  7. Jamie L
    Jamie L says:

    Open concept living services by Universal Framing Carpentry are the best in the business. Their expert team of carpenters is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of open concept living. They will work closely with you to ensure that your vision for your home becomes a reality.

  8. Homer F.
    Homer F. says:

    Open concept living services from Universal Framing Carpentry are some of the best in the industry. These services offer a range of benefits, including helping to improve the flow of your living space, enhancing the overall aesthetic and functional appeal of your home, and making it easier to add new features.


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