Rough carpentry is a type of carpentry that focuses on building wooden frames and supports that are utilized to assemble larger buildings, bridges, and structures. Rough carpentry also involves wood framing and sheathing of a building, including processes such as blocking, joists, rafters, stringers, studs, and subflooring.

With that being said, rough carpentry focuses on the framing of a building. It means the carpenters are accountable for the wood or metal support systems, making up a structure’s walls, floors, and roof. Think of the frame as the building’s skeletal system supporting the whole structure from the ground up. The carpenters make sure that the building layout and design meet building codes, follow basic engineering principles, and meet the proper strength standards.

Rough carpentry services are most suited when one has decided to build a house from scratch or complete house/ structure remodeling.

Every rough carpentry is treated differently as various building types present multiple challenges. Custom house framing offers the widest variety of work for a rough carpenter. However, with that differences comes much more frequent changes to the plan that can become hard and frustrating to maintain. Tract homes, on the other hand, are much often easily streamlined. Rough carpenters building these types of houses work from the same proven standard plan for every family but must do so at a much faster pace. Moreover, commercial projects are the most rigid and specialized carpentry jobs, usually taken on by more prominent companies.

In rough carpentry, there is roughly little to no room for error, and the carpenters must be trained and experienced. To guarantee that your next rough carpentry and framing job is completed using the highest standards, give us a call at Universal Framing Carpentry. Moreover, rough carpenters build rough wooden structures, such as concrete forms, scaffolds, tunnel, bridge, or sewer supports, billboard signs, and temporary frame shelters, according to sketches, blueprints, or oral instructions. Moreover, they measure various materials or distances, using square, measuring tape, or rule to lay out work.

At Universal Framing Carpentry, we have a highly experienced rough carpentry team that knows more than a thing or two about craftsmanship and old-fashioned hard work. Our vast industry knowledge and expertise enable us to get the job done right the first time. As a UFC customer, you can be confident that your project will be completed on time and on budget. We take pride in our timeliness and punctuality. It’s our endeavor to endure you’re open for business ahead of schedule. With over a century of commitment to our customers, you can trust our crew to deliver the best rough carpentry services for your houses or commercial building facilities.

Here at Universal Framing Carpentry, we are experts who can help you build your dream house using the best and efficient rough carpentry tools, materials, and techniques to meet your needs.

We offer such value-added service in various locations including Toronto, North York, Scarborough, Etobicoke, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Markham, Vaughan, Concord, Woodbridge, King City, Aurora, Newmarket.


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  1. Glenn F.
    Glenn F. says:

    Rough carpentry is the foundational structure of walls, roofs, and floors in a building or a house, so it’s important to choose a team you know isn’t cutting corners, potentially costing you a fortune down the line. I can see that Universal Framing Carpentry can compete with all facets of rough carpentry providing quality craftsmanship.

  2. Sam Simpson
    Sam Simpson says:

    This is a great solution to your carpentry needs, especially with rough carpentry. I am glad to read this because it just gave me an idea as to where to go. I need to know people in this field because I am planning to do renovation in my old house. Thanks again for this.

  3. James Holder
    James Holder says:

    Look no further when it comes to rough carpentry. Universal Framing Carpentry has a skilled and experienced team that can do the job. I had my house done by them and I was satisfied with their work.

  4. Hailey L.
    Hailey L. says:

    Rough carpentry is something that should be handled by experts. I am glad to find Universal Framing Carpentry and I did not encounter any problems. Everything was ideally and smoothly done.

  5. Carlos P.
    Carlos P. says:

    I was a bit skeptical about Universal Framing Carpentry at first since they were just in the neighborhood and never heard of them before. I had a small job that needed to be done and they were the only company that would take it, so I gave them a shot. They did not disappoint! They were always on time, always professional, and their carpentry was excellent.

  6. Candy H.
    Candy H. says:

    I can’t say enough good things about Universal Framing Carpentry and their rough carpentry services. They did an amazing job on our house and we are so happy with the results. They were always on time and very professional.

  7. Kim A.
    Kim A. says:

    Some projects, like simple home renovations or small repair jobs, can be completed quickly and easily with just a few basic tools. However, for more complex projects that require heavy-duty framing, commercial construction, or high-end carpentry work, it’s important to hire a professional rough carpenter.

  8. Norman M.
    Norman M. says:

    I contacted Universal Framing Carpentry for a quote on some rough carpentry services and I have to say that I was very impressed with their work. The quote was very reasonable and the work was completed in a timely manner. They did an excellent job and I would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs any type of carpentry work.

  9. Danny B.
    Danny B. says:

    we are so glad to have such a great service! We are very happy with our new living room and the workmanship was just excellent. They did a wonderful job and we would highly recommend them to anyone looking to craft beautiful wood structures at home. Thanks again, Universal Framing Carpentry for making our home so much more comfortable and inviting!


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