The steel beam is a structural steel product made to withstand heavy loads. Steel beams come in various sizes and types due to their different uses in the design of foundations and buildings. The construction specifications shall specify the geometry, size, and shape of the beams. These beams can be straight or angled.

Steel is a material that is more efficient and inexpensive than wood and has greater support capacity. We mount steel beams to help customers protect their homes from pests, weathering, and rotting. Steel beams are an effective deterrent to termites.

Engineers are installing steel beams to fix construction issues of different kinds. Beams may be used for remodeling plans or a new building project. They may be fitted with steel beams in place of load-bearing walls, above the garage door, or above the window or door opening. Steel beams are often used to reinforce the foundation of the floor, the hot tub on the deck, the roof, and one or two floors or the roof structure. They also use a range of beam strengthening methods, including the incorporation of welded parts and flats. If wooden beams are mounted, steel sections may be inserted to reinforce them.

Steps on How to Install Steel Beams

  1. Determine the Type of Wall. Our first step is to decide which kind of wall we need to break. If the wall only divides two rooms and does not carry much weight, there is no need to add a beam to support it. However, if the wall is a load-bearing wall, we would have to mount a solid and strong beam to withstand the frame’s weight above it. The replacement of the wall is often done differently if the frame carries a load. You must have a structural engineer decide the type of beam required and whether HSS posts are required.
  2. Remove the Drywall. Once we have determined the wall’s form, we remove the drywall and strip the support beams from both sides. We should be cautious to ensure that the beams are not broken and that the reinforcement is not cracked until we have tested it properly. We’re going to shut down the electrical circuits before we start digging through the drywall.
  3. Temporary Wall Support. The next step is to reinforce the foundation with temporary wall support. This leaves the structure above the load-bearing wall in place while removing the old beams to free up space.
  4. Remove the Old Beams and Install Beam Cradles. When the temporary support structure is in place, we will slowly dismantle the old beams. We will install temporary cradles for new beams that will serve as support as we install the new ones in place. The number of cradles relies on the beam size.
  5. Install the Beam. Measure and cut the new beam and mount it in place, apply some blockage to the floor, and then remove the temporary wall we installed earlier. This beam will be flexed a bit as it carries the load but will eventually settle perfectly in place. Once the beam is stable, we will remove the cradles.

Advantages of Using Steel Beams

There are several reasons why structural steel beams are the chosen material for residential and industrial construction. Structured steel beams are materials capable of carrying loads and at the same time supplying an opposite force to remain unaffected by bending. The bending moment is defined by the bending force inflicted on the beam by the applied external loads, the weight and the diameter of the actual beam, and the effect of the load on the beam.

The manufacturing of structural steel beams ensures minimum waste during construction, which helps those trying to cut costs. Also, steel can be fire-proofed by external insulation and specialty coatings that inhibit the deterioration of steel in a fire. Compared to other conventional building materials, structural steel beams make it possible for engineers and architects to work at their innovative best due to structural steel’s endless design. Furthermore, structural steel can be twisted and curved into shape to create non-linear and out-of-box designs.

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    Steel beam installation is certainly a highly skilled work that should be handled by professionals in this field. I have learned why more and more people prefer steel beams now over wood. I also realized there’s still a lot I need to know in installing steel beams.

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    I heard from a friend that he used steel beam installation at their home to avoid termites and other pests. I think it was effective because until now, they did not suffer from any pest infestation. I wanted to have my house done, too. I think I can use Universal Framing Carpenty’s services soon.

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    I’ve been using Universal Framing Carpentry for all my steel beam installs for years, and I couldn’t be happier. They’re always on time, on budget, and do top-notch work. I highly recommend their services.

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    I had a great experience with Universal Framing Carpentry. They were able to install my steel beam quickly and efficiently. The whole process was very smooth and I am very happy with the final product. Highly recommend!


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